Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Seeds Fat Bombs (Low-Carb, High-Fat, Dairy-Free)

chocolate-almond-butter-chia-seeds-fat-bombsChocolate Almond Butter Chia Seeds Fat Bombs are delicious treats that are high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates.  A person I follow on Instagram (@antigravitygains) shared the recipe, and I gave it a try.

As some of you know, I follow a ketogenic diet/way of eating, which means that my diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Having a tasty fat bomb treat on hand is a good way to boost fat intake.

The first time I made and tried Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Seeds Fat Bombs, I  fell in love.  These fat bombs are one of the best I have eaten.

My husband, who does not eat the way I do, tried this fat bomb and liked them so much that he asked me to make more.  I am happy that he loves these fat bombs and that he won’t be buying any chocolate candy bars from the store anytime soon.

Today I share the benefits of almond butter, coconut oil, cocoa, and chia seeds and how to make these delicious fat bombs.

Five Benefits of Almond Butter

1. Heart health benefits

2.  Lowers blood pressure

3.  Helps control blood sugar

4.  Rich in antioxidants

5.  Great for weight control

Five Benefits of Coconut Oil

1.  Boosts immune system

2.  Helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure

3.  Reduces inflammation

4.  Improves memory and brain function

5. Aids in weight loss

Five Benefits of Cocoa

1.  Heart healthy

2.  Boosts energy

3.  Rich in antioxidants

4.  Natural antidepressant

5.  Weight loss

Five Benefits of Chia Seeds

1.  Boosts energy and metabolism

2.  High supply of calcium

3.  Improves digestive health

4.  Helps lower cholesterol

5.  Helps with weight control



1 Cup of Almond Butter


1 Cup Coconut Oil


1/4 Cup of Cocoa Powder


6 Tablespoons of Swerve/Erythritol (sweetener)


1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract


6 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds


Get your Whisk


Add a Pinch of Salt and Mix Well


Line 24-Mini Cupcake Pan


Pour Mixture into Cupcake Liners

Yields 24

Place Pan in Freezer or Refrigerator (until solid)


Store in freezer/refrigerator.

Warning, Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Seeds Fat Bombs will disappear fast because they are so good!


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  1. Edelmira says:

    I would appreciate getting your sugar free recipes.

  2. You combined some insanely healthy ingredients, Evelyn! I simply love coconut oil and Chia seeds!

  3. Trinity says:

    Thanks ,Evelyn, for showing what each step looks like. I’m going to try making fat bombs, again. I hope they turn out better than they did the last time.

  4. Sonia Oglesby says:

    Looks great, I will have to try this !! I have a chocolate addiction from drinking chocolate milk everyday when I was in school. I think I can sue them for this right ?? Thanks for sharing it will take my chocolate edge off.

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