How I Dealt with my Struggle and 10 Ways to Stop Eating Your Emotions

lifestyle-changesIs it possible to be stressed or depressed without knowing that you are?  Yes, I think it is possible. Today I share how I dealt with my struggle, and I give you ten ways to stop eating your emotions.

My Story

A few months ago, I checked out of my body.  Checking out of the body is a person’s way of ignoring emotions and not acknowledging those emotions.  That’s what happened to me when I checked out.

I spent a lot of time reading, watching, and discussing current events. Each morning when I woke up, instead of reading a passage of scripture and praying, I was reaching for my smartphone. I read news from different sites and other people’s opinions about the news. Little did I know this innocent act was weighing down my spirit.

Eating cookies

My husband does not eat the way I do, but he is supportive of my way of eating. However, occasionally he brings unhealthy foods into our home. I had a weakness for these particular cookies he would bring into our home.  Notice I said ‘would bring’ because he vowed not buy any more cookies.

Reaching for comfort

I pretty much ate the usual way I eat, low-carb high-fat, but my only weakness was the cookies. I dealt with my emotions by getting comfort from the cookies.

Why am I doing this?

One day, I asked myself, “Why am I eating these cookies knowing they are not healthy?” I did not get the answer right away, maybe because I did not want an answer at the time.

I asked my husband, “Why do you think I am eating these cookies; you know this is not me.” Husband says, “You’re probably depressed or stressed.” I said, “I don’t think that’s me, but you do have a good point.”

I know what being depressed or stressed feels like and I knew that couldn’t be the reason why I was reaching for comfort in cookies.

Well, I had a heart-to-heart with myself (self-examination) I did not want to admit that I was depressed or stressed, but after looking within, asking myself questions, and answering those questions truthfully, I got my answer.

My spirit was down

I didn’t realize that my morning ritual of grabbing the smartphone and reading the latest news was taking a toll on my mind, but it was. I found my comfort eating cookies and after eating cookies. That’s how I dealt with my emotions, but my spirit was heavy.

Acknowledging emotions

I finally answered my question honestly, and this is what I did.  I acknowledged the action I was doing (eating cookies) and acknowledge my emotions.

My next step was taking control. I decided that I would not bombard my spirit with negativity. So in essence, I decided to stop reading, watching, and listening to anything that causes me to feel bad in my spirit. I even promised myself, when it’s in my power to do so, to steer clear of negative people, places, and things.

No more cookies

Acknowledging the emotions, I had and made a plan of action helped me tremendously. It’s funny how when I did this little exercise, I had no desire to reach for cookies because instead of eating my emotions I talked about the emotions to my closest friends.

If you are going through something similar to what I experienced, don’t be ashamed or be hard on yourself.

I want you to dig deep and understand why you are feeding your emotions with food. Here are my ten tips for dealing with this situation.

1. Ask yourself why you are eating the cookies, candy, chips, cakes or pies?

2.  Be honest with yourself, your actions, and how you feel.

3.  Acknowledge what you are doing and own it.

4.  Discover what triggers you to comfort your emotions with food.

5.  Talk to someone you trust about your emotions.

6.  Devise a plan of action and follow through with your plan.

7.  Pay attention to how you feel after following your plan.

8.  Promise to talk about your emotions and not to eat your emotions.

9.  Don’t blame yourself for your actions, be gentle with yourself.

10.  Know there is a reason for all of this.

Bonus.  You are not perfect; you’re only human.

Final Words

I share my story with you because I want you to know that I am only human and I don’t mind being transparent.

On this journey, you have experiences shaping and molding you into what you become. Realize that what you become is not fixed in stone, because you are always growing and evolving; work in progress.

Until next time,



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Evelyn Parham started this site in 2010. She enjoys writing, reading, and dabbling in photography and video editing. Learn more about her here.

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  1. Trinity says:

    Thanks so much for your transparency. It helps followers to know that we all have struggles. ☺

  2. Carolyn says:

    Evelyn, you are phenomenal! So many people needed to read this and you’re the catalyst for their change. God bless you!

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