The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers of “Healthy Foods” that Cause Disease and Weight Gain (Book Review)

The Plant Paradox is a book written by Steven R. Gundry, MD. and he shares the hidden dangers in “healthy foods” that cause disease and weight gain.

Just when we thought we were making healthy food choices, Dr. Gundry comes along and tells us why these, so called “healthy foods” are not as healthy as we thought.

Note: TLC Book Tours sent me a free copy of The Plant Paradox for reviewing purposes. Thank you, TLC for having me on your book tour.

Introduction of The Plant Paradox

The Plant Paradox consists three parts and ten chapters:

Part I – The Dietary Dilemma

  • Chapter 1: The War Between Plants and Animals
  • Chapter 2: Lectins on the Loose
  • Chapter 3: Your Gut Under Attack
  • Chapter 4: Know Thy Enemy The Seven Deadly Disruptors
  • Chapter 5: How the Modern Diet Makes You Fat (and Sick)

Part II – Introducing the Pant Paradox Program

  • Chapter 6: Revamp Your Habits
  • Chapter 7: Phase 1: Kick-Start with a Three-Day Cleanse
  • Chapter 8: Phase 2: Repair and Restore
  • Chapter 9: Phase 3: Reap the Rewards
  • Chapter 10; The Keto Plant Paradox Intensive Care Program
  • Chapter 11: Plant Paradox Supplement Recommendations

Part III: Meal Plans and Recipes

My Thoughts about The Plant Paradox

I learned information I never knew; I’ll implement some of Dr. Gundry’s recommendations in The Plant Paradox. One recommendation is peeling and de-seeding tomatoes.

I love how Dr. Gundry includes a list of foods to eat, but the list is entitled, “The say “Yes please” list of acceptable foods.” This list got my attention because it is a creative way for naming an acceptable food list.

Note: I hate it when someone says these are the “good foods” and these are the “bad foods.” Food is actually neutral.

A list of foods to avoid is also included, “The just say “no” list of lectin-containing foods.

The Plant Paradox is a fascinating book. I learned things I never knew about foods that I thought were healthy. I am relieved that there are some foods on the, “no” list (lectin-containing foods) that I do not eat.

I had to read this book with an open mind, because there is a Keto Plant Paradox Plan introduced in chapter eleven, and well, I had my experience with keto and shared it here, but The Plant Paradox is a good read.

I have a better understanding about lectins and the approach I will take with my diet.  I recommend adding this book to your reading list.

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  1. trish says:

    Seems like it has some good takeaways, no matter your diet! I like the idea of having foods that are ‘yes please’ and others that are ‘no thank you.’ Like you said, that’s a great approach!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Sounds like a good read Evelyn. Thanks so much for always keeping us aware!

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