Blog Article Writing 

I research the topic, provide images, and write an 800 words article.

Flat Rate – $200

Product Review (Dedicated Blog Post)

I provide an honest review and search-engine-optimized post to ensure your product is discovered in search.

I publish a review on if your product is listed on the site.

Flat Rate – $100

WordPress Site Set-Up and Maintenance

The cost of this service is negotiable because I need to know everything you need me to do before I can give you a price.

Please schedule a meeting with me for more information.

Product Review (Dedicated YouTube Video)

Your product must be a good fit for my YouTube audience. (Beauty, Wellness, & Lifestyle (4K subs))

I provide an honest review, a search engine-optimized video to ensure your product gets discovered on YouTube and other search engines, and a well-edited video.

Flat Rate – $400

wellness consulting

Making lifestyle changes, need help with weight loss or stress management, or have concerns about emotional eating?

Schedule a consultation to see if I am an excellent fit to help you.

Flate Rate – $150 / hour

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Rates Effective January 23, 2023