social media declutteringThe digital decluttering of social media for 30 days is in full effect. I started the digital decluttering challenge on April 1st, and so far things are going well.

What is digital decluttering?

I learned about digital decluttering from Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore you, in December of 2017, but at the time he issued the challenge, I was not ready to accept.

Sidenote: Dr. Newport does not recommend telling anyone that you are digital decluttering, but I decided to write about it. I have not announced it on any of my social media accounts.

Digital decluttering is a 30-day challenge for not using:

  • social media networking sites
  • reading blogs and news (online)
  • email (limited)
  • text (limited)

The goal is not to log in to any social media accounts for 30 days.  I have had some slip-ups, but for the most part, I am doing okay.

I will, however, continue posting on social media sites that are business related. I will track the analytics and review the results to determine if I need to keep using those social networking sites.

I recently deleted one social media account and will possibly remove another one soon. Poor analytics and lack of engagement are why I deleted one social media account and also why I will delete the other one soon.

Other Decluttering Activities

Dr. Newport made other recommendations for digital cluttering and they are:

  • removing apps from phone
  • turning off notifications
  • not watching YouTube videos
  • checking email once a day
  • little to no texting

How I am Doing So Far

I mentioned that I had had some slip-ups, but I am hanging in here. Here’s how I am doing:

  • Facebook: Logged in to post on my Business page, but scheduled a few posts in advance. I will post automatically without visiting the site.
  • Twitter: I have not logged in.
  • Instagram: Logged in for a few seconds to check messages.
  • YouTube: Challenging, but the time I spend on the site has decreased tremendously.

What I’ve Been Up To

I am doing more reading, writing, and business projects. I am also more present with family and friends.

I will keep you posted.

Sometimes, you have to remove the clutter to make room for growth.

Until next time.

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