Sometimes, you won’t know you need a break until something significant grabs your attention. So here’s my story about how life gave me an unplanned break.

If you’ve followed this blog for any time, you know I also have a YouTube channel. As a video creator, I sometimes get discouraged and wonder why I’m not getting the views I think I deserve.

What’s Wrong with Me?

I’m usually hard on myself, thinking something is wrong with me. Am I boring, is my hair not long enough, am I not attractive enough, am I too old, or does my content suck? So many thoughts cross my mind, but I continue creating videos.

One day, something went wrong with video creation. I filmed and edited a video that I knew the subscribers would appreciate.

Disappearing Files

I sat down to finish the video, but nothing was there when I inserted the SD memory card. My files were gone, and the SD card was unusable. I wanted to cry.

I learned that the SD memory card I purchased from Amazon was incompatible with the camera. I felt like someone had knocked all of the wind out of my body. What to do, oh, what to do?

I decided it was time to take a much-needed break away from YouTube.

The Forced Break

So, on June 24, 2022, I told my Instagram followers what happened and that I would be away from YouTube.

During my break, I changed the design of this blog, and I also created my book review website. So losing my footage was a blessing in disguise.

I knew I needed a break because of my negative thoughts about myself as a creator, but I kept going. It took something happening for me to realize that I needed to stop, listen, and get myself together.

New Video Uploads

On July 18, 2022, my birthday, I posted to my YouTube Community Tab, informing everyone about my break. I also told them when I would resume uploading long-form content and to enjoy the YouTube Short videos.

Note: Uploading YouTube Shorts wasn’t something I planned; it was something that just happened.

I uploaded a YouTube Short video daily for almost 2-weeks straight and learned a lot about myself and what videos perform best on my YouTube channel.

I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and by doing so, I grew as a creator and person. And the growth of my channel started picking up a little steam. I am grateful for everything; I don’t take anything for granted.

Benefits of Taking a Break

After taking a break from YouTube for a month, I felt like a new and improved video creator. My outlook as a creator has changed, and I learned not to worry about the stuff I cannot change.

I noticed some benefits after taking a break from YouTube:

#1 More Focused. I stopped focusing on the low video views and subscriber count and started focusing on doing my best. As a result, I am too busy focusing on improving to nitpick myself.

#2 Confidence in Myself. I love the whole process of video creation: topic, script, filming, editing, and producing. I’m confident in executing my ideas and making a quality video that connects with the viewer.

#3 Clarity of Direction. Having no sense of direction made me uncomfortable. But after stepping away, I am at peace with how I plan to move forward on YouTube.

#4 Stopped Playing the Comparison Game. I constantly compared myself to others, which made me feel bad about myself. I compare myself to myself these days, which is how I improve.

I realized I don’t have control over who clicks on a video, how long they watch it, or even if my video gets recommended by YouTube.

I only have control over the content I choose to put on the platform and how I present it. That’s all—nothing more, nothing less.

#5 Not Afraid of Being Spontaneous. Uploading YouTube Shorts and other short-form content to different platforms has taught me the art of being spontaneous.

I’m not so focused on getting views or drafting the perfect piece of content, and I’m more concerned with connecting and sharing with the hopes of inspiring and motivating others.

Spontaneity generates the best pieces of content, and I am in awe of that.

#6 Authentically Me. I’m naturally a private, calm, and reserved person, but taking a break from YouTube helped me be more comfortable with sharing my authentic self. So, I’m free to share my thoughts in written and verbal formats today.


If you are still reading, then that means I held your attention. Imagine me dancing happily and raising my hands to the roof because you are still here.

Sometimes you will need to take a break; sometimes, your break won’t be a planned break. Take the break you need, embrace the lessons and benefits you receive and be grateful.

Until next time, keep shining!🌻


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