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Eat your blueberries!

Summer is the time when berries are in season where I live.  Blueberries are available from early May through August, and the peak month is July.

Canada and the northeastern United States produce the greatest amounts of blueberries, because they grow best when the days are long and the nights are cool.

The price of berries are usually reasonable around this time of the year.  My favorite berry is the blueberry, with strawberries coming in second.

I love the taste of blueberries and I especially enjoy a good banana blueberry smoothie; my favorite.

The Blueberry

Blueberries are rich in phenolic compounds.  The active phenolic compound in blueberries is anthocyanin.  The phenolic compounds give blueberries a rich blue color.

Anthocyanins are strong antioxidants; inhibit the LDL cholesterol oxidation, promote growth and repair of connective tissue, anti clotting activity, and anti-inflammatory.

Powerful Little Blueberry

Blueberries are not very big, but they are one of the best berries and fruits to eat.  Blueberries taste great and they are very protective:

  • contains silicon, which helps rejuvenate the pancreas
  • good for diabetic conditions
  • neutralize free radicals that damage DNA
  • protect against urinary tract infections
  • may help reduce effects of aging
  • improved problems with tired eyes

Purchasing Blueberries

Look for quality blueberries that are plump, look fresh, clean and dry.  Choose berries that are deep blue, black, or purplish in color.  Stay away from overripe berries.  Overripe berries are dull in appearance, soft and watery and moldy.

Banana Blueberry Smoothie

1 banana

1/2 cup fresh* or frozen blueberries

1/2 -1 cup of water or milk of your choice (adjust to your liking)

*If you like your smoothies cold and frosty, add a few ice cubes.  Add liquid as needed.

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

Information Source

  • Becoming Vegan

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12 thoughts on “One of the Most Powerful Berries – Blueberries

  1. That milkshake recipe looks good. Gotta love stuff that tastes good AND is good for you. +1.

  2. That is pretty cool. I didn’t know blueberries were that good for you. I’ll be trying your banana blueberry smoothie tonight 🙂

  3. Wow…those are some pretty good benefits. I had no idea all that good could come from blueberries. I definitely plan to eat more of them from now on 🙂 Thanks for the info.

  4. Hey Evelyn,

    Love those blueberries. They are my youngest sons favorite berry ever and I automatically think of him when I hear or see the fruit.

    Blueberries made the list of top 10 super foods for several years running, huge antioxidant values as you say!

  5. Yes blueberries are very nutritious as well as tasty, so are all berries.
    Your recipe for “Banana Blueberry Smoothie” sounds very tasty, and I am gonna try it.

  6. Hi Evelyn,
    I didn’t know that blueberries were loaded with so many health benefits. I like blueberry smoothies but never liked blueberry cakes that much. By the way thanks for sharing the recipes, I’ve never tried the smoothies with milk maybe this time I’ll just try and see. Hope its not too much work 🙂

    • Hey Adam,

      You’ll probably like the smoothie. If you don’t like it with milk, you can always use water. It is the quickest little meal anyone can make. 😉

  7. I also recommend buying blueberries that are organic. We used to grow them in our back yard in Oregon, then freeze them for baking later. Wonderful.

    • Hey Alexandra,

      Thanks for the recommendation! 😉

      I tried to grow some this summer, but my little bush died. 🙁 I wish I could grow day I will.

      I can only imagine getting blueberries from my backyard. That must have been a wonderful feeling.

      Take care,


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