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Pure jojoba “liquid gold”

I have made the switch to all natural products for my skin, scalp and hair.  I had no problems finding and using natural products for my skin, but it took me a while to find the right products for my scalp and hair.

During my research, I found that jojoba oil is a good moisturizer/emollient for the skin, scalp and hair.

After reading about jojoba, I decided to give it a try it.  I purchased a popular USDA organic jojoba oil and noticed that it had a very bad smell.

I cannot use a product that smells like burnt peanuts that have turned rancid.  I did more research and learned that jojoba oil is not suppose to have a strong rancid odor.

This popular jojoba oil was not moisturizing for my hair.  It actually made my naturally dry hair, drier than ever.  Dryness leads to breakage and that jojoba oil had to go!

I took a leap of faith and placed an order with a company that makes 100% pure unrefined golden jojoba.  The jojoba sold by The Jojoba Company has a very pleasant odor.  The quality is one of the best I have ever used on my skin, scalp and hair.

What is Jojoba?

The word “jojoba” (pronounced ho-ho-ba) refers to both the plant and the extract of the seed (Simmondsia chinesis).  Jojoba seeds contain a good amount of liquid wax esters.  The jojoba esters are similar to the natural restorative esters found in the sebaceous glands for our skin.  Pure jojoba contains alpha, delta, and gamma tocopherols, al natural forms of the anti-oxidant, Vitamin E.

Pure Jojoba is Not “Oil” (I didn’t know)

Most jojoba is labeled “jojoba oil.”  Pure jojoba is a wax ester and not an “oil.”  If you are interested in purchasing jojoba, but find the jojoba is labeled “jojoba oil,” find out from that company what is in the product.  It could be mixed with other oils.

pure jojobaCharacteristics of Pure Jojoba

Pure jojoba, “liquid gold” is extracted from a seed.  It makes your skin and hair smooth as silk and helps retain moisture.  I am amazed by how quickly it absorbs into the skin and hair.


  • is non-allergenic and can be used on the most sensitive skin.
  • is non-comedogenic;  it does not clog pores.
  • is excellent “carrier” oil for essential oils
  • does not stain;  washes out with hot water and detergent
  • has a faint earthy odor, which most people do not notice.

Ways to Use Jojoba

Jojoba has personal and professional uses.  Jojoba is good for the following:

  • helps soothe and restore elasticity to dry skin.
  • conditions and softens the skin.
  • helps with acne.
  • provides soothing relief for psoriasis.
  • removes make-up.
  • conditions and softens the cuticles.
  • conditions scalp and hair by preventing dryness and by restoring manageability.
  • helps prevent dryness and restores suppleness to chapped and cracking hands.
  • shaving the face and legs.
  • massages.
  • aromoatherapy.

Storage of Pure Jojoba

Jojoba does not need refrigeration.  Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight does not affect the quality, but it will cause a change in the color.

Jojoba may solidify in cold weather, but this does not compromise the quality the product.  If your jojoba solidifies during cold weather, allow the jojoba to thaw at room temperature.  Keep containers closed to avoid contamination from other odor sources.


There are many oils out here that are good for the skin, scalp and hair, but I have found that jojoba is one of nature’s best moisturizers.  A moisturizer I will always use!

I am not affiliated with The Jojoba Company.  I am just a very satisfied customer.

Information Source:  The Jojoba Company Brochure

23 thoughts on “Jojoba – Nature’s Best Moisturizer for Skin, Scalp and Hair

  1. CharmedMuggle says:

    Your blog brought me to this review – I use this Jojoba Oil! I keep a liter on hand at all times. I use it for my hair, skin, as a makeup remover & to cleam my makeup brushes! Loves it!

  2. It’s like aloe vera also. It help moisturize and soothes the skin making it feel refreshed. Jojoba indeed is one of the many good all natural skin moisturizers.

  3. I’ve tried this Jojoba oil, but it didn’t work so well for me. Then I tried Argan oil, and that was the most amazing thing ever. I haven’t seen a split end ever since, and I usually order it online because it’s less expensive.

    • You know, I’m like jojoba on my skin better than I do on my hair. But the way I’ll use it is as a hot oil treatment.

      I like Argan oil too. It works well on my hair too. So I can see how you don’t have problems with split ends.

    • Hi Dlysen,

      It is good in shampoos. I used a shampoo last night with jojoba as the main ingredient. Thanks for sharing the info about the Aloe Jojoba Shampoo. Sounds like a very moisturizing shampoo.

      Take care,


  4. Hi Evelyn,

    I’ve been using jojoba for years now. For me it’s been the best thing for preventing chapped lips. I also use it immediately after I shave my face and head. It’s really soothing on the skin and seems to prevent razor burn.

  5. Evelyn, thanks for this information! I was certainly enlightened. I currently use Jojoba oil in my hair regimen and I love it.

  6. Hi Evelyn-

    I love Jojoba! I actually have the bottle that’s in your first image. I got it from Whole Foods. I don’t use it on my skin but I do use it on my hair to seal it and leave it soft. I love that it’s such a light oil and doesn’t leave the hair feeling weighed down.

    • Hi Michelle!

      Wow..that’s cool! I didn’t know it was sold at Whole Foods. Next time, I’m in Whole Foods, I’ll look for it.

      I’ve been using as a sealant too and it works like charm. I’ve tried other oils, but nothing works quite like this one. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • yes girl WF has everything! I have one right across the street from my day job.

        What I do is use the Jojoba on the length of my strands and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on the ends. It seals wonderfully!

  7. I currently use this for my hair/scalp but will now consider using it for a moisturizer as well. Thanks for the info!

    • Hey LaLa,

      Good to see you here! 😉

      Jojoba has really been working well for me. Not too heavy and not too light…just right. Whenever I use the oil on my hair, I use only a little and only on my hair when it is damp. I like it on my skin too…makes my skin feel very soft and smooth.

      Have a great day!


  8. Maria Pavel says:

    Its not a surprise that owing to its huge benefits, jojoba extracts are used in a number of scalp related products like shampoos and hair oils. I too insist on using jojoba and aloe vera for the same purposes.

  9. Hello Evelyn!

    Another post loaded with great info. I am especially thankful for this post about Jojoba because some of this I didn’t know. I will definitely give it a try. Keep educating us, Evelyn. YOU are amazing! 🙂

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