While standing in my yard, I gazed at Susie’s yard and noticed the beautiful landscape.  Truth be told, my landscaping looks very good, but all the other yards in the neighborhood look like Susie’s and I feel out-of-place because my yard is not like any of the other yards in the neighborhood.  After thinking about upgrading my landscape to fit in with the others, I said to myself, “Girl you’d better walk in your truth and stay authentic, because it’s the better that way.”

Let me confess, I don’t have a neighbor named Susie, I made up Susie. The only landscaping people do in my neighborhood is keeping their grass cut.  My neighborhood is raw and rugged, pure country and I love it just the way it is.  

Why I Mention Susie

I talked about Susie because, each of us has probably had a Susie in our lives.  Your Susie could be that you see someone with a better body than yours.  You find out what Susie does and you do everything Susie tells you she does only to discover, it doesn’t work for you. Then you search for the next Susie to get your fix. And the journey continues.

Reality Hits

Many of you, including myself, at some point in life abandoned truth and authenticity.  All for the sake of getting the results or outcomes that you thought would yield the best results. You soon realized that walking in another person’s truth and authenticity doesn’t get you very far.

A Brief Story About Me

I am having second thoughts about the website changes and the social media networking sites that I use.    Yes, I am looking at other people and thinking I should do what they are doing, because maybe what they are doing could work for me.

Side note:  I’ve held back with my blogging for so long.  There is so much I want to say, but I have been afraid to speak my truth.  I am no longer afraid because my goal is not to please people, my goal is to stay authentic and keep it real.

Well, those second thoughts quickly faded from my mind because I realized that when people land on this site, connect with me on social media networking sites, or meet me in person; they are meeting me – a real person. 

I can no longer be afraid of being me or worry about attracting people by being something that I am not.  If I walk in my truth and stay authentic, then the right people will find me.    

Tying it All Together

It is never a good thing to follow the crowd.  My mother used to say, “If so and so jumps of a bridge, are you gonna jump off the bridge too?”  This was my mother’s way of saying that it is always best to walk in your truth no matter what you see others doing.  Sometimes it gets lonely walking in your truth, but you have to know that it is so much easier walking in your own truth than it is walking in someone else’s truth.

Walking in your truth helps you stay authentic. Remaining authentic means you stay true to who you are and you are not faking the funk.  As they say, “real recognizes real.”  Authenticity reveals itself and if you don’t stay authentic, it shows.

Final Words

Realizing that you are unique and have your own truth is a powerful revelation, especially when you’ve been keeping your truth buried.

It is time for you to let your truth and authenticity shine, because you never know whose life you may touch along the way.  

“Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that’s beautiful to create something that is fake?” ~ Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

8 thoughts on “Walk in Your Truth and Stay Authentic

  1. You’ve always gotta be you and do you and no one else counts when you’re doing that, not even family. It’s hard to do for most people but the truth is that each of us deserves to have our own success or comfort or life, and we can only be what we can be… whether we push ourselves harder or not.

    Glad you’ve stuck with it all. If you ever think about giving it up again… you write me! 🙂

  2. “Realizing that you are unique and have your own truth is a powerful revelation, especially when you’ve been keeping your truth buried. ”

    What a powerful statement! I am realizing this to be true the older I get. I am working on this. This post is just another confirmation for me -I need to step out in faith and stop worrying about all of the possible negative consequences and focus on the good.

    Thank you Evelyn!

    We all have a unique calling, and we must learn to accept that being different is not necessarily being wrong.

    • Hi Trinity!
      Thank you for chiming in and sharing.

      “We all have a unique calling, and we must learn to accept that being different is not necessarily being wrong.” I really appreciate your words of wisdom. Made my day!

      Have a great week!

  3. Hey Evelyn,
    great article,

    I like being true to myself rather pretend to be someone else. There is always a Susie around and if we start to chase that route – it will only take us far from who we truly are.


  4. Carolyn Akens says:

    Another powerhouse article Evelyn!! We must walk in our own truth and not compare ourselves to others. I have also compared myself to others, but it serves no useful purpose. We each are unique and it doesn’t matter if we’re doing the same thing no one can do what we have specifically been ordained to do by God!

    Blessings and much continued success to you!

    • Hi Ms. Carolyn!
      Thank you for chiming in and sharing! Your words are very encouraging and full of wisdom!

      Blessings to you and have a wonderful weekend!


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