Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) have some interesting facts. These little legumes are not only unique in appearance, but they are pack a healthy punch.

The taste of garbanzo beans takes a little getting used to, but after trying these beauties, you will like them. They have a nutty taste and the texture of the bean is creamy and buttery.  If you have not tried garbanzo beans, why not give them a try.

Below are interesting facts about garbanzo beans:

Facts about Garbanzo Beans

  1. The garbanzo seeds are high in protein.
  2. The garbanzo bean is the earliest cultivated legume.
  3. The garbanzo bean is a member of the family Fabaceae.
  4. The garbanzo bean is 7,500 years old.
  5. The garbanzo bean is grown in the Mediterranean, Western Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and Australia.
  6. The garbanzo bean is a good source for zinc, folate and protein.
  7. The garbanzo bean is low in fat.
  8. The garbanzo bean was first cultivated in 3, 000 B.C.
  9. The garbanzo bean is an excellent digestive tract supporter, in that it has 12.5 grams of fiber per cup.
  10. The garbanzo bean has antioxidants that are very unique.
  11. The garbanzo bean has 85% of the Daily Value of Manganese per cup.
  12. The garbanzo bean helps decrease cardiovascular risk.
  13. The garbanzo bean helps better regulate blood sugar.
  14. The garbanzo bean helps you feel satiated.
  15. The garbanzo bean is moderately acidic.

 Ways To Eat Garbanzo Beans

  • Sprinkled on green vegetable salads
  • Bean salads
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Curries
  • Dips or spreads (hummus)
  • Side-dishes

*Be creative when cooking and season however you like.

 Discussion: Do you eat garbanzo beans? If, yes what’s your favorite way to eat them?  Do share!

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14 thoughts on “Interesting Facts About Garbanzo Beans

  1. Garbanzos have been a mainstay of my vegan cooking for years. Love ’em as hummus and in curries and other stews/hotpots. Very satisfying bean indeed. They love being spiced up and I love spicing up.

    I’m going to try Aqiyl’s way next, sounds good and easy, and tasty!

    I always cook garbanzos and red kidney beans carefully, by long-soaking, rinsing, boiling hard for 15 minutes, refreshing the water (essential) then simmering on till tender.

    This not only reduces the phytic acid that locks up precious minerals so we can’t absorb them, but also makes the beans very digestible indeed and virtually gas-free.
    A bit more work but a rhythm soon develops.

    Your photo is beautiful Evelyn, looks delicious.

    PS. Red kidney beans, especially, have to be vigorously boiled initially to make them safe for us to eat. Once ate some that hadn’t been processed properly and was violently ill!

    • Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for sharing how you prepare garbanzo and kidney beans. I didn’t know that about the phytic acid. I learned something new.

      Thanks for the photo comment!

      Wow, whenever I do red kidney beans, I will be sure to prepare them properly.

      Take care!


  2. I’ve been a vegetarian for twenty-two years, and falafel has been one of my favorite discoveries. Do you know if the process of turning chickpeas into falafel negates any of the benefits? Thanks for this post, Evelyn. I love fresh cilantro, too, and will try adding some to the falafel next time I have it.

    • Hi BroxBoy!

      Wow, that’s a long time and it is great!

      I really could not tell if it negates the benefits or not. But I think if you are eating the beans it shouldn’t matter in the form you eat them, as long as you are eating them.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Just yesterday I finished up garbanzo beans that I cooked last week. I add tumeric, ginger powder, onion powder, garlic powder sea salt, and whatever other herbs I feel like adding. Somethyme (pun intended) basil, or oregeno. 🙂

    • Hey Msfullroller!

      Wow, that sounds delicious. Talking about the flavor…yum!

      The great thing about this bean is that you can make it your own by adding whatever herbs and spices you like.

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!


  4. Yeah! Garbanzo beans are my favorite, and normally are the only beans I eat. I like to sprinkle on some coconut oil, pepper, curry powder, cilantro, and some shredded coconut. 🙂

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