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The most critical factor of transitioning to the healthy Paleo diet is finding the willpower to start. This kind of diet away with grains, processed foods, dairy products and sugar.

Most grains contain gluten whose regular consumption can lead to gluten intolerance. Grains also contain lectins that are natural toxins which are detrimental to the proper functioning of the human digestive system. Sugar, can spike or crash in your system and can even be converted into fat if not used in a timely fashion by your body.

Here is a quick start guide to the Paleo diet, if you are seriously thinking about changing your unhealthy eating habits.

Execute a complete makeover for your kitchen

As stated above, most people don’t have the willpower to resist temptation, particularly in regards to food. If you have unhealthy foods lurking in your kitchen, it is most likely you will end up eating it.

Such kinds of foods are more convenient and less time-consuming to prepare when compared to the healthier varieties. Therefore, to avoid being prone to falling to temptation, take the necessary time to eradicate all unhealthy foodstuff in your kitchen.

Begin with your pantry and take away all chips, pretzels, chocolate, baked goods, instant food, cereals, and crackers. Move to your refrigerator and eliminate milk, sweetened yogurt, processed meats, margarine, peanut butter, condiments, and alcohol.


Go grocery shopping 

Your kitchen is now empty of unhealthy food, it is a good time to fill it with the healthy food to integrate into your Paleo diet. This includes grass-fed meat, chicken, turkey, and duck. Go for wild fish, eggs rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vegetables, sweet potatoes and yams. Choose healthy nuts for snacks.

Learn how to cook Paleo friendly meals for yourself

You will need to learn how to prepare Paleo-friendly meals, which is not that difficult. Make it a point to use less than 5 tablespoons of oil for every 6 ounces of meat you cook. Let the meat brown, before you can add spices and vegetables into the cooking pan and then cover it up.

The serving you eat should contain plenty of vegetables, with animal protein taking a space of not more 2 palms. This will depend on your body type as well as your gender. Use oils which are solid at room temperature such as coconut oil as opposed to liquid fats.

For a simple and actionable solution on what to eat and what not to eat, take a look at the infographic by Paul from below:



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