Update:  I no longer follow a raw vegan, vegan, or vegetarian diet.  (10/13/2014)


I originally started this blog as a raw vegan.  I stopped eating a raw vegan diet because I lost too much weight.  I concluded that a raw vegan diet was not the best diet for me.

I spent most of this year experimenting with different plant-based diets, with my most recent experiment being the Starch Solution.

Finding the right plant-based diet took some time, but I finally know what works best for me.

The Starch Solution (Dr. McDougall)

The Starch Solution (McDougall Diet) is one of many good plant-based diets.   I started the Starch Solution diet in August and have recently decided to stop following this diet.  Below are a few reasons why I will no longer follow this diet:

  • White potatoes (nightshade vegetable) are not good for me.
  • Finger became stiff and sore (injury from my teen years).  This has never happened to me until I started eating potatoes.
  • Stopped eating white potatoes (unplanned, just happened) and inflammation in finger went away.
  • I gained weight.

Note:  I enjoyed eating white potatoes before switching to a plant-based diet, but after switching I rarely ate white potatoes.  It wasn’t until I began following the Starch Solution diet that I realized that I cannot eat white potatoes.

The Starch Solution is not a bad diet.  I can easily continue following the diet while excluding white potatoes, but I fare better eating a higher percentage of  vegetables and less starch.

High Raw Vegan Diet (80/20)

I decided to return to eating a raw vegan diet, but before making the change, I knew I had to figure out how I would make the diet work.

I contacted my raw food coach, Ms. Carolyn Akens.  Ms. Carolyn explained to me what a typical day looks like for a person eating 80% raw vegan food and 20% cooked food.

I understood things better and decided to proceed with my change.  Sometimes you need expert advice to help you do things the right way.


Update:  I do not eat any grains, legumes and high sugar fruits.  (10/13/2014)


High Raw Vegan Diet Plan (80/20)

Most of my diet will consist of uncooked foods (80%)  and the remaining 20% is cooked foods.  The cooked portion of my diet includes:  whole grains, legumes/beans, and some vegetables.

My plan also includes adding healthy fats/oils (example:  coconut oil, flaxseed oil) back to my diet.   I will keep the amount of fat I consume low.

Here are the basic foods:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • legumes/beans
  • whole grains
  • seeds
  • nuts
  • green juice
  • smoothies

Final Words

Finding a best diet is challenging, especially when the diet is a plant-based diet.  If you need the help of an expert, do not hesitate get the help you need.

Plant-based diets are not created equal.  What works for one person, may not be the best option for the next person.

Listen to your body and do what works best for you and your situation.

Eyes wide open, moving forward!

12 thoughts on “McDougall Update and Returning to a Raw Vegan Diet

  1. Hola Evelyn,

    I’m back. tryin to get this healthy lifestyle together – think I should visit more often – your site is the best.

    • Hey Vibrant,

      It is so good to see you. I hope all is going well.

      There’s no better time to get this healthy lifestyle together than the present. Let’s do this! 😉

      Thanks for making me smile today!

  2. Hi Evelyn, Good luck to you as you continue to fine tune, 80/20 sounds like a good way to add balance to a raw vegan diet. It’s such a great time of year for fresh produce, that ought to help you as you are starting out on this.

    • Hey Mary,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah, this time, I really feel like I can stick to this.

      You’re right about the produce. I’ve been seeing all the different winter squashes and everything is so beautiful.

      Take care,

  3. Hey Evelyn, I have a question. You wrote”originally started this blog as a raw vegan. I stopped eating a raw vegan diet because I lost too much weight.” But how was your health?

    • Hey Aqiyl,

      My health was fine. I just looked sickly (because I had gotten so small), family members were wondering if I was sick. Anyway, I realize now that I was not eating enough that’s why this time around I will not skimp on eating some cooked foods.

    • Hey Kymberly,

      I injured my finger when I was around 14-15 years old. White potatoes are night shade vegetables. I started having problems with the injured finger: bad soreness, stiffness even aching, which I have never had.

      I stopped eating white potatoes, really by accident and started eating sweet potatoes more. Accident = need to buy from store, just hadn’t got around to it. Anyway, I read an article by Aqiyl that mentioned white potatoes being a night shade vegetable and how some people are sensitive to the chemical in the potato, which can cause inflammatory conditions to flare up.

      I realized that I was no longer having the issue with my finger after I stopped eating white potatoes. Guess, I’m sensitive to white potatoes.

      Good question!

  4. Evelyn, I love the way you always invite us on your journey. You explain everything step-by-step. You are an innovator and a gift to all of us! Thank you, Evelyn!

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