shine brightToday, I had planned a food post, but I ran into some technical difficulties. So, I decided to skip the recipe and write about another topic.

There is a saying, “What goes around comes around.” Some call it karma, while others call it like it is. What you put out in the world comes back to you.

An Observant Child

I was a quiet child, but I was also a child who observed everything. And to this day, I am an observant person.

I listen to what others say, and I pay close attention to their actions. I have learned a lot about people by just, “sitting, watching, looking, and listening.” A saying my mother used to say.

Be Mindful of What You Put Out in the World

Some people say anything about others and will do whatever it takes to bring the next woman or man down. They put so much energy into tearing others down to make themselves look good until that becomes a way of life for them.

I have observed people in-person as well as online who put out nothing but negative energy. They say mean things about others, put people down, manipulate situations to get what they want, and I could go on, but I will stop here.

The people who I have observed in the act do not realize what they are doing. They are not being mindful of what they are putting out in the world. I wish people would think about what they are doing before they do it, but I know that will not happen.

It Comes Back to You

Do you think that what you say or do, whether good or back, comes back to you? If you answered, yes, then you know what time it is.

An Example of Negative Energy

Talking negatively about others or lying on a person.

Result. The negative Nancy or the liar has situations that happen that they cannot handle.

They think the world is caving in on them, but little do they know their world is not caving in, they the stuff they put out in the world came back to them.

Put Out What You Want to Receive (As Much As Possible)

If you want others to be kind to you, then put out kindness. It is just that simple.

In case you are wondering why things are not going your way, take a look at how you treated a family member, friend or stranger.

Examine the words you said in a conversation in which you complained, downed, or told lies about a person who was not present to defend him/herself.

Will you do that?

Be careful what you put out in the world, it just might come back to bite you hard.

Until next time,

Become a healthier you and own it.

6 thoughts on “What You Put Out Comes Back To You

  1. Hi Evelyn!
    That is so true and thank for the post. we do need to speak love and build
    one another up.
    Love you and take care

  2. Very True Evelyn. I personally believe that we can not take anything back with us while leaving this world but our Karma would remain with us. We have to fill our Karma account with good or bad. choice is ours.

  3. Evelyn,
    I just had this conversation with my next door neighbor this morning so this article is quite a coincidence (or perhaps not). She was stranded yesterday and called me to help. I was on my way to teach a class but decided to make a detour to help out (knowing I would be late for class). This morning she thanked me for helping her and I told her I would do anything for her because she has always been so kind to my family. Her good karma came back to her.
    That’s what it’s ALL about. I also got some of it yesterday as well in another situation. Thanks for this post. Very powerful and true!

    • Hey, Ms. Bev!
      Wow, that’s great. I appreciate you sharing your experience. What goes around surely does come right back around.
      Good to see you here, Ms. Bev. Take care! 🙂

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