Green SmoothieThere was a time, when I didn’t know what a smoothie was let alone a green smoothie.  When I learned about green smoothies, I started drinking green smoothies every day.  I even did a green smoothie cleanse/fast.  These days, I don’t drink green smoothies as much as I should.

When I was drinking green smoothies regularly, I noticed the following:

1.  Beautiful skin

2.  Great digestion

3.  No desire to snack

4.  Easy weight maintenance

Drinking green smoothies is a good way for you to get your servings fruit and green leafy vegetables, without having to chew.  There’s no need to wonder anymore about where and how to begin drinking green smoothies.


12 thoughts on “How To Make A Basic Green Smoothie

  1. I love smoothies so much. This is a smoothie I’ve been making lately and it’s been incredible, I would feel energized and I noticed a much better digestion:

    Acai puree ( I get unsweetened in Whole Foods )
    1 banana
    Whey Protein
    2 eggs
    1 spoon of coconut oil
    1 bowl of spinach
    all mixed with ice and sometimes I add homemade almond milk.

    Smoothes are the best!

    Have a Great Week Evelyn!

  2. After drinking green regularly for awhile, our body will before more alkaline and we will be more healthy

  3. Bryan Thompson says:

    Evelyn, I actually think I would like this. I haven’t always been the best about eating my greens but I like smoothies with veggies and fruits. I’ll have to give this a try. My wife will think I’ve lost my mind. 🙂

  4. You shouls try the wheatgrass fast or the green vibrance powder as a diet supplement. I once struggle to lose until I gave the fast a try and it has help me significantly with weight loss.

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