I have read many raw food books, but Becoming Raw tops them all.  Becoming Raw is unbiased and gives you the facts.  The authors present the facts, but leave it up to you to decide how you will eat a raw vegan diet.

The purpose of this review is to:

  1. Inform you about a raw food book that sticks to the facts and science.
  2. Share this essential guide to raw vegan diets.
  3. Get you to add this book to your library of raw vegan books.

Why you should read this book:

  1. Considering a raw vegan diet.
  2. Need guidance, scientific facts and information about a raw vegan diet.
  3. Gain knowledge about the importance of carbohydrates, protein, fats, and other vital nutrients.

Becoming Raw helped me understand why we I need vitamin B-12, good fats, and to calculate the amount of protein based on my body weight.

The menu plans  are great.  The authors actually include 6 menu plans geared toward whatever raw vegan diet you choose.  This is so cool!

This booked opened my eyes to a lot of misinformation I had received from other raw vegan sources.  I no longer shy away from fats, but I welcome them as a daily part of my diet.

10 Essential Lessons You Can Expect to Receive from Becoming Raw

  • History of raw food movement.  You will enjoy reading about the history of the raw food movement in the United States. It has an extensive history.  You will learn about the early raw food pioneers as far back as the 1830’s and move into our modern day.
  • Raw Report.  You will learn about the scientific evidence that exists to date “When a raw vegan diet is adopted, weight loss almost always follows, especially in those who are overweight.” At least 6 studies have reported weight loss with the adoption of a raw or living-food diet.
  • Why raw rocks.  You will learn about the benefits of eating plants and how they protect you, not only that you learn about the bad stuff that’s in processed foods that can do more harm than good.
  • Energy and power.  You will learn about the calorie requirements for adults and the benefits of low-calorie diets.  Not only that, but you will learn about the importance of protein and how to calculate the amount required based on your weight.

To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.  -Benjamin Franklin.

  • Carbohydrates in the raw.   You will learn about the different types of  carbohydrates, how they are digested, and how much you need.  You will also learn about the importance of fiber and how unrefined and refined carbohydrates affect the body.
  • Fats.  You will find this chapter a god-send, because it will help you understand the importance of fat.  You will learn about the importance of essential fatty acids and how if you are low in these, you can have healthy issues.
  • Vitamins.  You will get a breakdown of the vitamins, what they are and what foods you can get these vitamins.  No corners are cut; they tell it like it is.
  • AcidBase, Bones, and Minerals.  This will be another god-send chapter, because you will learn how important it is to maintain good acid-base balance.  You will learn which type of foods help with acid-base, bones and minerals.  Not only that, but they share the research from raw vegans to back it up.
  • Enzyme controversy.  Now this is an issue that can be confusing, but again, they break it down and tell you the real deal.  All while providing the facts from a scientific point. You will learn about the functions of enzymes and why they are important.
  • Food safety.  This chapter will open your eyes to foods you thought were safe to eat, but they have supporting evidence and research that will tell you why a certain food may not be safe for your consumption.  Example: Mushrooms received a mixed verdict.  Even if mushrooms are marinated and dehydrated it will not lower the levels of some carcinogens present in raw mushrooms.  It is recommended that shitake mushrooms be cooked before consumption.

Carbohydrates are packages of the sun’s energy that are used to support all life on earth.  -page 95

Bonus #1:  You will get 6 menu plans and here are the titles (the titles sum up what these  plans are about).

  • Light and Nutritious
  • Enjoying Nature’s Bounty
  • Fruit, Greens, Seeds, and Nuts
  • Fruit, Greens, Nuts, and Seeds (by weight)
  • No-Fuss, Raw-Food Fun
  • Raw Goes Gourmet

Bonus #2: Recipes with the nutritional information included.

I received a review copy of Becoming Raw from Rick Diamond, a Vegan Book Salesman for the Book Publishing Company.

It was well worth the read and I learned a lot.  Thanks, Rick for sending me this book.

I highly recommend Becoming Raw.  Check the reviews here for yourself.

Average reading time for Becoming Raw is 6-7 minutes.  If you read only the chapters, you’re looking at 3-5 minutes for average reading time.

Keep in mind that this book includes a lot of figures and tables too, not to mention the glossary, index and reference pages.

Becoming Raw is easy reading, with one exception of detailed scientific information.  Warning:  If your attention waivers when you read scientific or technical information, then you may need to read this book in parts, so that you can digest the information.

This book is your ticket to understanding the ins and outs of  becoming a raw vegan.  Stop believing the hype and get this book today .

Becoming Raw will definitely steer you in the right direction.  It worked for me and it can work for you.

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  2. I too enjoyed this book. I reviewed it recently. I am confused by what you mean by “average reading time”?

    • Hi Bit of Raw,
      It is a very good book. I’ll be sure to pay you a visit! 🙂

      Average reading time is the total word count of a book divided by 250 words/minute. Check out this link for further clarification. The higher the average reading time (6-10 minutes) the longer it takes to finish the book.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. S. Ali Myers says:

    Thank you for this recommendation. I’m about to stock up my library and may have to include this book. I will be sure to purchase through your link.

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