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Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about being different and standing out in a crowded space. I know it’s not a health-related topic, but I won’t always talk about healthy living topics.

These days, I share more about motivation and inspiration, and I decided I will write about whatever I want because I have to be me. You’ll learn more after reading further in this post.

This week, Jeff Goins published a blog post and podcast, sharing his thoughts about being successful (innovative) while being different. Jeff is an accomplished writer and author, and I started following him a few months ago.

Jeff shared many golden nuggets in his podcast, but after listening to his 53-minute podcast, I took to the keyboard to write.

There’s a phrase that goes like this, “Do you boo.” Well, the phrase means to do what you feel is right for you and stand in your truth.

In this day and time, it’s challenging to do what you feel is right, because it’s easy to look at what others are doing and get sidetracked. Why are you trying to be more than you are?

I published an Instagram post that resonated with a lot of people. I decided to elaborate more by writing a blog post on the topic.

All that glitters is not gold

In the diet and fitness world, many people share how passionate they are about their new, or they pose in the mirror showing well, chiseled bodies for the world.

Onlookers see what appears to be the perfect diet and a fit body, and do what it takes to achieve it.

Just because everything you see looks good, doesn’t mean you have to rush out and do what you see others doing.

In the past, I followed the diets and did the exercises to get the fit body. I still wasn’t happy, because I was always looking, and searching for the perfect diet. you

I don’t want you to make the mistake of chasing what you think is gold. Because you think you are not enough.

Instead, I want you to look inward, and work on yourself. Forget what you see going on around you and look within and working on the inner man.

It’s the only way you can be content and stand in what and who you are.

Striving to be anything more than what you already are does you a disservice. You are unique, one of a kind. And you must accept you as you are.

Some people have a hard time accepting themselves because when they look in the mirror, they don’t see perfection. However, remember you are who you are, imperfections and all. And it’s okay!

Final Words

When you start thinking that you have to change yourself to be happy, that your best isn’t good enough, I want you to remember this quote:

I am enough, exactly as I am.

You don’t have to be more than you already are, you just have to know that you are enough, just the way you

Question: Do you believe that you are enough, exactly the way you are?

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Evelyn Parham Coach

Is there ever a time when you are alone? Some of you may answer yes, but is there ever a time when you are by yourself; alone with your thoughts? I’ll take a wild guess and answer, “No.” Learn why solitude is essential now more than ever.

I’m Reading Digital Minimalism

I love reading, and I usually read more than one book at a time, and Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is one of the books I am currently reading.

Dr. Cal talks about solitude, and its almost non-existent today, which is sad.

I remember before smartphones and social media came on the scene I had more time with my thoughts. I had more clarity back then and focus.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
Digital Minimalism (Affiliate Link) by Cal Newport

What is Solitude?

Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness. (Psychology Today)

Why is Solitude Essential

We live in the information age with access to a hand-held computer 24-7.

Many of us spend hours on our smartphones or other devices consuming information in some form or another.

The mind is always wired because constant connection to devices. Afraid we’ll miss out on the latest happenings, I guess?

Here’s why you need solitude in your life.

1. Time alone with your thoughts. Do you have any ideas of your own? I ask because, in today’s information age, we consume an enormous amount of content. Moreover, if the mind is filled with other people’s stuff, there’s no room for your thoughts.

2. Achieve clarity. Sometimes you have to be still to have a clear vision about the direction in which you want to go in life. It’s impossible to have clarity when you don’t take time for solitude.

3. Restore your mind. Data dumping is what I like to call mind restoration. Dumping data or information from your mind is like taking out the trash so that you can keep peace within. You don’t want your mind filled with junk, because when your mind is wired, it eventually impacts your overall health and well-being.

Just thinking

4. Restore your body. When your mind is wired, and it never gets a break, then it will affect your body. Not clearing your mind or data can cause you to have a lot of restless nights. Getting poor quality sleep messes with many processes in the body. Example, if you’re trying to lose weight and not getting quality sleep, weight loss will be a slow-go for you.

5. Renew your spirit. You could be down in your spirit because of what you have seen or heard. When you don’t have times of solitude, whatever’s going on can affect your mood. That’s why it’s important that you renew your mind by having times of being alone.

6. Become more self-aware. Each of us has a level of self-awareness; however, if you’re not having moments of solitude, you may not be as aware of what’s going on with you. Being consumed with other stuff takes the focus off of you, and therefore you don’t pay attention to yourself.

7. Have peace. When you don’t have peace, you’re disturbed, on edge, and not calm. You can be stressed without ever realizing it because your level of self-awareness is not like it should be. Solitude is a peaceful act.

Final Words

Take time for solitude because it has lots of benefits.  Solitude is a way of managing stress.

If you never, ever take time to sit still in quietness, your mind will be wired to some level.

Humans are not meant to be wired all the time. We function best after relaxation and rejuvenation.

Make solitude something you regularly do. If you don’t do it for yourself, who will?

Until next time.

Take care.

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