Do you believe that big things happen when you least expect it? I received an email update from Alexandra Franzen, and I had to share her message with you.

Alexandra is a professional writer, who gave up social media. I discovered Alexandra after doing an internet search about being successful in business without using social media. I signed up for her newsletter, and the rest is history.

Sharing is caring, right? And Alexandra asked me to share her newsletter with a friend. I wanted so badly to share it with a friend, but honestly, I could not think of anyone who would be interested.

However, I do have some beautiful readers to share Alexandra’s story with and so here I am sharing it with you.

Alexandra wrote a book

Alexandra wrote a book and finished her book in six weeks, but she waited another six months to do anything with it.

Six months later she released the novel on her website. She had no book deal, she just released it on her website in a PDF and that was it.

A woman visited Alexandra’s website and downloaded her book.  She shared Alexandra’s book with her brother who happens to be a T.V. producer.

The brother read it and passed it along to his colleague, who is an actress. Alexandra received an email from the actress, and I will stop here.

Go over and check out Alexandra’s story for yourself here.

Inspiring quotes from Alexandra

I want you to read Alexandra’s post, but I have to share a few quotes from her newsletter with you because as much as they inspired me, I know they will encourage you too.

Quote #1

“I know it’s scary to put your work out there. Oh my god, I know. It might feel terrifying. It might scritchy-scratch at your deepest insecurities. It might poke the tender, soft, underbelly parts of you. Please do it anyway.”

Quote #2

“Absolutely anything could happen. But absolutely nothing will happen until you put something out there.”

Quote #3

“Release it with love and with no expectations.”

Quote #4

“Toss your pebble into the water and watch the ripple go, go, go, expanding outward into unexpected possibilities, opportunities, and invitations.”

Final Words

Alexandra’s newsletter helped me tremendously. I talked about pleasing people in a post this week, and then Alexandra’s message shows up in my inbox. I felt like she was speaking directly to me.

We don’t take chances because we fear failure which leads to procrastination. I know that’s been the case for me.

And I always feel like I am not ready. When will I ever be ready?

You can’t continue waiting until you are ready, that time may never come.

Sidenote: Being ready applies to anything you are working on in your life. Anything!

Alexandra ends her message with, “There’s no telling where the ripple might lead.”

Take care of you and OWN IT.

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