people pleasingPeople pleasing is not good for health and well-being. How many of you get caught up in not wanting to upset people or worry about what others think about you. I’m sure each of us has experienced this at some time in our lives.

Did you know that it is impossible to please people? We cannot satisfy all the people all the time. And so, why do we try?

Some of us feel that if I could lose ten, fifteen, or twenty pounds, I can be more successful, or people would like me, or I would have more friends.

Do you see where I am going with this pleasing people act that many of us think will make our lives better?

We like to please not just for our jobs, but it pours over into relationships with family, friends, associates, even our daily life activities.

Do you realize focusing on pleasing people affects your health and overall well-being?

I do not have any scientific proof of this, well, I have not looked up the science, but I can tell you from experience that trying to please people gets to you emotionally and it can trickle down to your health (mind, body, spirit, and soul).

People Pleasing on Social Media

There are studies about how social media has a psychological effect on some of its users. It seems unbelievable, but it is true.

I won’t focus on the results of the studies; I want you to know that research is out here. Search and see what you find.

A lot of what we see on social media is people wanting to please others, and so they do things for attention to garner likes, shares, and comments.

Deleting the YouTube Channel linked to this site

I removed my YouTube channel, and I do not regret it. Here’s the reason why.

I concluded that I only had a handful of subscribers interested in my content, which was not reflective of the total number of subscribers I had.

Time and energy are valuable commodities.

A few people encouraged me to keep uploading videos because they believed my audience would grow.

Patience is not my best asset, and when I see something is not working, I let it go.

I continued using the platform because I wanted to keep pleasing people. But I finally realized I had to follow my heart.

Tying it all together

I know my story is probably a stretch, but everything we do in life affects our health and well-being in one way or another.

Being a pleaser does affect us in more ways than we know. The stress to perform and be liked, say the right things, do the right things, look a certain way, or not look a certain way.

It can be emotionally draining and take a toll on health and well-being, which sometimes results in slacking on taking care of ourselves the way we know we should.

Anyway, I am rambling, but I want you to do what makes you feel good in your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Doing so makes for a healthier, happier person.

Don’t do anything based on what you think pleases other people.

Instead, stick with your plan, stay on track, and keep moving forward.

Until next time.

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