Evelyn is back to blogging
It’s Evelyn and I’m back, let’s roll!

My last blog post was in November of last year. That’s a long time to be away from blogging/writing, but sometimes we need breaks for clarity’s sake.

Today, I’ll tell you the happenings, which makes this post longer than usual, but that’s okay. I know Google loves longer content anyway; I won’t disappoint.

The Corona-virus or COVID-19

How are you coping with sheltering in place? I’m dealing with it exceptionally well, as I am an introvert and a homebody. However, I’m starting to get tired of not being able to shop at my favorite stores.

And the masks are getting to me, although I don’t wear one that often (I’m not out that much), I keep my distance from others when I’m shopping for essentials. I wonder if I’ll still be standing 6 feet away from others after things are back to normal.

I’m also tired of pinching pennies because the business has almost come to a screeching, halt for truckers, my husband’s profession. And when the trucking industry slows down, that’s when we know things are terrible. My prayer is that the nation gets normalcy soon.

Hannah and Evelyn in Atlanta, GA

Growing a YouTube Channel

Do you know I have a YouTube channel? Well, I have more than one, but I have one that I am working on growing, and I finally see a little growth. If you’re into YouTube, check out my channel.

I upload weekly videos on beauty (hair and skin), well-being, and self-improvement. As for beauty, I don’t wear make-up, so you won’t see me applying make-up. My goal is to weave well-being (physical, emotional, and social), and self-improvement topics there as well as on this site.

YouTube Channel

I’ve taken training on how to grow on YouTube from two different people. And the last class I took was in January, which was the best course as well as the most reasonably priced. Don’t think that since specific training costs more that it must be better because that’s not always the case.

I’m enjoying YouTube, and what I value the most are the beautiful people I’ve met on the platform. Connecting with good people makes it easier to let your hair down and be authentic.

I’m Back on Social Media

I took a long break from Facebook and Instagram. I never left Twitter because it’s my favorite social media platform, and I’ve connected with some fantastic people. Since returning to Facebook and Instagram, I notice that I don’t use the platform as I used to, and that’s a good thing.

I took to Twitter a week ago and unfollowed a lot of people because I want to follow fewer people, so I can reasonably engage with those on my list. Mitch of I’m Just Sharing, is the one who inspired me to do a Twitter unfollow. Blame Mitch if you noticed that I unfollowed you (just kidding).

Twitter Profile

Mitch published an article, Does the Numbers Game Help You on Social Media? which got me thinking about how we fight tooth and nail to have large social media followings but rarely engage.

These days I’d prefer connecting with a few people that I can genuinely engage with, then a lot of people who will never engage with me. Thanks, Mitch, for sparking the flame!

How I Use Social Media

I don’t get caught up with any negativity online. And I see a lot of negativity, but I stay away from it. People say the meanest things online, and I know if they were face-to-face with the person, they would never say what they type online to the other person’s face.

I resigned to keep staying positive and not to get caught up in uncomfortable online discussions.  Each of us has a choice of how we react to what we see online, and I choose to stay calm.

What will you write?

Sometimes, I have to bite my tongue to not respond to political issues, but I have a place online for discussing political topics. Although I see people that I follow say things online, that I disagree with, I rarely reply because I’d rather keep the peace than to argue.

Too much negativity weighs on the spirit, and it’s stressful. If you want peace, you are peace. If you wish for joy, then be a joy. If you wish for calmness, you must be calm.

And I can’t be a positive light if I let what others say on social media get me fired up. It’s not worth it. Now, if we’re face-to-face, I might give you a good debate, but while online, I keep it cute.

New Direction for my Blog

If you’re a long-time follower of this blog, you know I’ve made lots of changes over the years, and I’m still standing. Without growth, there is no change. Growth and change fit well; you can’t have one without the other. I welcome them both.

I’m lightening up and publishing content about whatever I want. You’ll see blog posts about well-being (physical, emotional, and social), self-improvement, hair, and skin.

I plan to incorporate my YouTube channel content here, sometimes. But I will also let my hair down and let my writing flow more than ever. This blog is an extension of my brand, and I’ll publish content that speaks from my heart to yours.

Currently, I’m preparing to launch a business website and write a book. The business site is the home for content related to my expertise as a Mind Body Eating Coach and Healthy Gut Advisor.  I don’t have launch dates set, but when I’m ready to go live, you’ll be the first to know.

Step Out on Faith and Just Do It!

Mailing List for Newsletter

I stopped keeping a mailing list to send out newsletters. Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t see why I needed to continue it because most people on my mailing list never opened my emails and no one inquired about working with me.

I figure I’d save my money and time. If you want to get my blog posts delivered to your email via Google, you can sign up here or add my blog to your favorite RSS Feed.

Note: When I launch my business site and book, that’s when I’ll start a new mailing list.

One Last Thing (I’m an Early Riser)

If you’re following me on YouTube or Instagram, you know I am committed to being an early riser. I’m happy to say that I’m 14 days in with being an early riser, waking at 5 AM. It’s been tough only because I’m a night owl; I’m learning to adjust.

Along with rising at 5 AM, I’ve been journaling the experience and will publish a blog post about it in the future. Keep your eyes peeled. One thing I’m loving about being an early riser is that I get to spend quiet time praying and reading, which is a great way to start my day.

Final Words

Thank each of you for being dedicated readers of this blog. These days people publish a blog post once a week, but that won’t be me. I’ll post more than once a week because I have a lot to say. I wish I could publish daily like Seth Godin, and maybe I will, who knows? You’ll have to stick around to see!😊

Until next time,

Take care, and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be Back, Now Let’s Roll

  1. I see you were just waiting for me to find this article instead of letting me know about it on Twitter… meanie! lol I’m glad I helped you focus on the people you find fruitful and important; that’s exactly what I’ve done.

    I hadn’t realized you hadn’t written since November since I see your videos. I’m glad you’re ready to write more about anything you want to write about; that’s always been my philosophy. 🙂

    • Hey Mitch!
      I totally forgot to mention it to you. I’m glad you found it without me telling you. It shows me that you’re paying attention. 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve been doing more videos, than writing, but my goal is to write more and upload videos once a week to both of my channels. I have a channel dedicated to product reviews and I’ve been slack there, so hopefully, I will get my act together on that channel.

      I think writing about anything I want is freeing and I hope I can stick with doing it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  2. It’s so good to be able to read another one of your posts. I’ve enjoyed your YT content – especially all of the positivity in the YT Lives. I think that with everything going on , it is important to have a positive, safe place – unencumbered by all of the negativity and stress that is so apparent everywhere else. Thanks for creating good content!

    • Hey Trinity! I’m glad you’re still rocking with me and I count a tremendous blessing to have you as a friend. The YouTube content was a challenge, but I’ve finally got it together, I think. 🙂 I’m happy to know you’ve noticed the positivity of the YT Lives; that makes me feel good. You’re right about having a safe place.

      I shared your Black Bean Recipe on my Twitter Feed. I didn’t realize you had posted it on your blog, so while I was reading it in my RSS Feed reader, I shared it to Twitter. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and if you ever have any suggestions/recommendations/questions, you’re more than welcome to send them my way. Take care and stay safe out here!!

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