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April comes to an end soon, and I wonder if you’ve been staying consistent with exercising in 2019? Have you been moving? I ask that question because I know some of you hate it with a passion.

There are many reasons why some people don’t like exercising and I get it. I used to be a couch potato when I thought I was eating the healthiest diet in the world.

Note: I discovered that the healthiest diet in the world doesn’t exist.

Newsflash, no matter how healthy you think your diet is, you still need to move your body daily. You can’t get around that; I guess you can, but your muscles, bones, and well-being will be better for it.

Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment

Stay Consistent with Exercising

First, you should know there are amazing benefits you get from moving and exercising. Even if you don’t like it, knowing that it’s beneficial should motivate you even more.

Here are 5 ways to stay consistent

1. Choose an exercise/movement that you love. I don’t know about you, but if I like something, I’m more likely to do it. Find something you love doing, and if you discover half-way through that you don’t like it, you can change it. Whatever you do, don’t stop exercising.

2. Pick a day and time you want to do your favorite exercise/movement. Grab your calendar, and pencil in the days and times you will show up to your appointment for exercise. Scheduling a time for exercising is important because, most of the time when we have something on the calendar to do, we are more likely to follow through with the task.

circuit training

3. List of exercises/movement to do. Even if you know what you’re doing, it’s a good practice to write down what you’ll do on each day. For example, if I am doing circuit training or strength training, I’ll have the name of each exercise and the time or number of reps on a sheet of paper. You’ll know what you’re doing which makes it easier when it is time for you to exercise. No excuses.

4. Use apps. I am doing a flat stomach challenge, and I use an app which helps me stay consistent with ab exercises. The exercises are demonstrated, reps counted for you, and timer for rest. It’s a cool app. Also, if you’re doing circuit training, HIIT, or Tabata, and need a timer and you don’t want to use your phone as a timer, you can use an app to set up times for (rounds, work, rest). I use Gym Boss, and it gets the job done.

5. Get an accountability partner. If you want to stay consistent, get a friend or better yet, hire a personal trainer to help you. If you don’t have a friend or you can’t hire a personal trainer, then consider documenting your journey by journaling, recording yourself, or sharing on social media.

There you have it five ways to stay consistent with exercising when you think you’re too busy.

Discussion: What exercises/movements do you like? Drop a comment below.

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love walkingOnce upon a time, I was allergic to walking, but not anymore. I schedule my physical activity by printing a calendar from Microsoft Word and penciling in the exercises I will do for each day of the month.

I do not put walking on my calendar, because it is something that I automatically do. However, I do more walking on the days that I am resting and recovering from strength training than I do on the days I do strength training.

I have fallen in love with walking, and I will tell you why I love it. I will also give you some of the benefits that I get from walking for my mind, body, and spirit.

Why I Love Walking

I try not to miss a day of walking. Sometimes, I get busy, but I manage to do some daily walking.

One of the biggest motivational reasons why I love walking is because I burn more calories when I walk. Burning calories is a big deal for me because I am working on losing a few pounds.

Since walking isn’t a hard activity to do, I don’t mind getting it in.

Knowing that I can burn more calories from walking is not the only reason why I love it.

I love walking because I can do it anytime and anywhere without the need for any equipment.  All I need is some comfortable shoes and time.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

How Walking Benefits Me (mind, body, and spirit)

I live in the country, and when I take walks, I see nothing but trees and beautiful land. Sometimes, I see deer and other critters, but for the most part, I am a part nature, and nature is a part of me.

When the weather is not conducive to walking outside, I walk in my house. Thanks, to Mr. Mitch over at I’m Just Sharing; I still walk even if I have to do it inside.

You already know that I walk because I love it, but I also walk because it makes me feel good in my mind, body, and spirit.

I walk because it calms my mind and soothes my spirit.

During my daily walks, it is a time when I reflect on life and do a lot of thinking. I get ideas for topics to write about as well as for other content I want to produce.

I get a lot done in my head, while I am walking. I think that is so cool.

My spirit feels good, and my mood is excellent after taking my daily walks. That’s another reason why I cannot miss a day.

Walking helps me manage my stress, and it is a time when I can think about everyday life situations.

Walking is more than just getting a few steps in for the day, it is a breath of fresh air, my lifeline, my moment in time.

upping fitnessSometime this month, January, I decided that I needed to up my fitness game in 2018 and do a little transforming.

Showing my belly uncovered is something I don’t usually do, well I have revealed my stomach in the past, but I had promised myself that since I am old enough to be someone’s grandmother, I need to stay covered.

But, I showed my body anyway. I want to document my progress, and my purpose is to show you that anyone can transform and it doesn’t matter how old you are. You probably already know that, but to see someone do it is always motivating.

Below is a series of photos I took on January 6th of this year. I did not post to social media immediately because it wasn’t my intention to post. But about nine days later, I decided to post the photo collage.

jan 6

I posted the above photo because I want to inspire others.

There is a quote that says:

try something new

How I Gained Weight

I gained weight because I ate too much and moved very little. Yep, that’s the reason why I gained weight.

I am a firm believer in the calories in, calories out concept. So, if I am eating more than I am moving, I am sure to gain weight. It’s only a matter of time.

Here’s What I’m Doing

There are actions that I must take so I can reach my fitness and body transforming goals.

I am:

  • embracing where I am
  • focusing on now
  • loving every ounce of who I am
  • staying consistent with workouts
  • tracking my food (macronutrients and calories) on My Fitness Pal
  • wearing my fitness tracker device (it’s a motivational tool)
  • doing a little meal prepping (a little because I cook certain foods in advance like sweet potatoes, chicken breast, rice, and protein muffins)
  • trying to get adequate rest (I struggle with this)
  • taking things slow
  • being patient.

no regrets

Focusing on the Now

Focusing is one of the most critical actions. Why? Because focusing on the now keeps us in the game and the challenge.

When we do not focus on where we are now, we start wishing and hoping, instead of doing, being and believing.

Final Words

I share my journey because I want to inspire you and to show you that anything you want to do is achievable.

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot get fit because you are too old. And do not allow yourself to get caught up in fad diets or in having the perfect body.

When you get caught up in things outside of yourself, you will end up taking the focus off yourself,  which can lead to failure and unhappiness.

Get caught up in being the best version of you that you can be and accept your body at whatever weight you are currently. Now that makes for a lasting and healthy relationship with yourself.

Discussion: What are you doing to improve your health and fitness game this year? Do share.