Where did 2021 go? It seems like yesterday; we were saying Happy New Year, but soon we will celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This year sped by so fast, and I think I missed a few months because I do not know where they went. Have you accomplished everything you wanted in 2021?

Fall Is Here; Finish Strong

Big Goals

I set out to get fit and drop some weight this year, but I got sidetracked somewhere along the way. However, I am slowly circling back to my goals. Thank God I have three more months to make it stick.

Knowing I have three months left to achieve my fitness goals will not hinder my success. I can either choose to focus on doing it or not doing it. I prefer the former.

Do Not Give Up

Although the 2021 chapter is coming to an end, you must not give up on your goals. I know it is easier said than done but stay focused. Look at this as if it were a marathon; press through to the finish line.

Get It Done

Here are a few actions to take so you finish strong before closing the book of 2021.

1. Re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Then, grab a pen, paper, and write your vision.

2. Forget you have three months left. Instead of focusing on how much time you have, focus on following through, taking action, and getting it done.

3. No negative self-talk. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of success. We say, “There is no way I can do this because of (enter your reason here)… But, I will do it next year, for sure.” Please do not put off what you can today to only pencil it in for tomorrow.

4. Keep your timeline in plain sight. Although we have three months left in 2021, it does not mean that you quit on your goals. It might take longer than three months, but think of it this way, you will be farther along when you open the new chapter of 2022. One day at a time, bit by bit, you will get there.

5. Focus on your end goal. Do not worry about not reaching your goals in 2021; instead, focus on what you want to accomplish. For example, if you have a specific weight loss goal, focus on how many pounds you want to lose and keep that in the forefront of your mind.

When you focus on the end goal, you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. It also motivates you more than looking at the how (this is impossible or I cannot do this), which causes one to fall into negative self-talk possibly, and we do not want that.

Focusing on your end goal forces you to stick closer to your why—and it helps more than you think.

Final Words

Yes, 2021 is almost over, but it is not game over for you. The end of a year does not dictate anything to you. Instead, it is you calling the shots.

Even if you believe you do not have enough time to reach your goal (s), keep moving, keep fighting, stay in the game; don’t dare stop playing. Because if you stop playing, you will wonder if you could have won.

Until next time.

Keep shining!

2 thoughts on “Have You Accomplished Your Goals for 2021?

  1. I started out in early January with goals; then life got in the way and I didn’t remember what any of them were. I’m hoping to be better in 2022, since I have to do due diligence in getting my life back together.

    • Hey Mitch, thanks for sharing! Life sometimes will get in the way, and I can understand not remembering your goals.
      You will be better in 2022; keep the mindset you have, and you’ll be okay.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

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