woman smelling flowersMy god-mother is always on the go. She hardly ever takes time to sit down and just be in the moment. Are you this type of person?

Have you seen the energizer bunny? Yes the one that keeps going and going and going. News flash, at no time will you ever be the energizer bunny.

You may feel like the energizer bunny sometimes, but the truth is you will never be the energizer bunny.

You may try to live your life-like an energizer bunny, but you will soon find your batteries running low.

There might be times where you will not have energy to get out of bed. When that happens, just lie there and be. Listen to the birds sing there songs.

If you keep going and going and going, eventually your body will slow you down. Take time out for yourself and always listen to the messages your body sends you.

Are you ready to take a break from always being on the run, doing for others and neglecting yourself? Today is the day we take time to just be in the moment.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy the moment without doing:

  1. Read a book. A good book can stop you in your tracks and take you places you have never been. Curl up on the sofa and take a trip with your favorite author.

  2. Listen to sounds of nature. Go outside, close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Do you hear the birds singing? Take it all in and enjoy the moment to just be one with nature.

  3. Listen to your favorite musical piece. Music has a way of calming and relaxing you even when you are not trying. You know there is something about music when a child stops what he or she is doing to listen to the magical notes of music.

  4. Cook your favorite meal. You are probably thinking that cooking is work. But when you are preparing your favorite meal you take your time to make sure everything is perfect. You cannot rush perfection.

  5. Take a warm bath. Baths not only relax the muscles, but also the mind. Light some candles, turn off the lights and let the water soothe you.

  6. Dance, dance, dance. Dance to your heart’s desire. Β It does not matter if you are not the best dancer. Dancing is fun, relaxing and gets you working those muscles.

  7. Watch a little television. Do you have a favorite channel or program you enjoy watching? Take time to watch your favorite shows without worrying about what you have to do.

8. Read your favorite magazine. You never know what good topics you will find. You might even find some good advice or a tasty recipe.

  1. Spend time with family and friends. Being aroundΒ your favorite people is all you need. This not the time for you to do for them, you are just being.
  2. Rest. When all else fails get your beauty rest. You can never get too much!Β  πŸ˜‰

What are some ways you take time-out from always being on the go?

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27 thoughts on “Take Time, Be in the Moment

  1. I definitely agree about taking time to rest. Sometimes we are in such a rush we never take time to rest or sleep. All are essential to our being.

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    I’m longing for a moment of my own. I bought two magazines last week and I haven’t opened a single page yet. It frustrates me even more to still have work on Sundays. When this happens, all I can do is have long hours of sleep which is actually just a maximum of 8.lol I’m such a busy bee! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Calli,

      I hope you get a chance to sit back and relax, so you can read your magazines.

      You are a busy little bee. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for chiming in!


  3. Hi Evelyn!

    I took some down time today. My mom and I drove around town with my son – we just drove to some new parts of town and talked. It was really nice. Before that, we had a cookout.

    I love being in the moment and just truly enjoying the people I am with or whatever I happen to be doing. For some reason I find it really easy to be present. Maybe it just comes with practice. And the lack of worry about what someone else will think of me. I try to please myself and God, and let Him take care of the rest, so I don’t spend a lot of time running around or thinking about other things; I really do just try to “be present.”

    Great post. Thank you for this!

    • Hi Tia,

      Sounds like you have a very relaxing day. It is always great to share those times with the ones you love.

      I love that you try to please yourself and God, letting Him take care of the rest. Great message and reminder for me! πŸ˜‰

      Have a very productive week!


  4. I always take at least 15 minutes of my day to just meditate, and watch my breath… I usually do it in the morning right before the morning rush.. if I get up late, I do it in the subway ride… even if ppl give me strange looks =)

    • Hi Henway,

      I find that mornings are the best time to mediate. Everything is so quiet and still.

      Wow, the subway. I could never do that. I was too afraid of riding the train anyway, so I had to keep my eyes open. πŸ™‚

      Take care,


    • Hi Terri,

      Thanks for connecting on bloggers and disqus. πŸ™‚

      Slowing down does wonder for the mind, body and spirit.

      Enjoy your week!


  5. Evelyn: It really is so important to live in the moment and really experience it in the best way. I loved all these tips you gave and thought this was a great post. I really liked #4. I wouldn’t normally have thought of that, but now that I read it here, I can see how that will help you be in the moment.

  6. Evelyn, great post. That is one of the reasons I am fasting and detoxing for 21 days on green smoothies and watermelon so I can be in the moment. Clarity is coming through and great decisions are being made. Numbers 1, 5, 8, 9, 10 are exactly what I’m doing. Thank you for writing this amazing article.

    • Hi Ms. Carolyn,

      Wow, that’s great.

      I’ll be doing my water fast beginning next week. I know what you mean with the clarity that comes from detoxing.

      Have a great detox! πŸ˜‰

      Take care,


  7. Rest? What’s that? From the guy that hasn’t had a vacation since 1999, I’m certainly someone that needs to learn a few other lessons. It’s somewhat different when your income depends totally on you and how much you can work, since I don’t get vacation pay or the like.

    Yet I do get run down, and then I get inefficient. So that’s when I’ll slow down a bit, do something else, but never for long; that is, unless naps count. πŸ˜‰

    • Wow, you’re hard working man. I totally understand that we have to do what we have to do.

      I’m glad you slow down and do other things. In a sense, you are taking a break. Yes, I do think naps count. πŸ˜‰

      Take care,


  8. I am never an energizer bunny though there are days when I’m being very productive! In my downtime, I read a book or dance or watch TV and of course, sleep!

  9. Hi Evelyn,

    Very nice post on being in the moment. Taking our time to be present is really helpful as it gives us inner peace and peace of mind. The 10 steps you outlined are great to do just that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing

  10. Excellent ideas! I think I’m going to follow a few of these suggestions this afternoon. πŸ™‚

  11. Clearly Composed says:

    Funny enough, this happened to me recently. I had been on the go go go for a couple of months and was just starting to feel a bit of burn out when I got sick. So I have had a few weeks to practice and experience the suggestions you listed above. Sometimes we need to step of life’s treadmill and just “be” with ourselves. This post is a great reminder of just that. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Hi CC,

      I’m glad you took time for yourself and that you are doing better.

      It goes to show us that we must take time to “be” with ourselves. I love what you shared. πŸ˜‰

      Many blessings and continue taking care of yourself!


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