FRAZZLESelf-care is a topic that I have been writing about a lot lately. One of the reasons for this is because of what I see.

Observing my surroundings, as well as people, contain lessons that help me come up with blog posts.

And so, my observations brought me to the post for today. Don’t let anyone frazzle you and I do mean anyone.

What is Frazzle?

According to Merriam-Webster frazzle means 2 a: to put in a state of extreme physical and nervous fatigue. b: upset – 2. to weary; tire out

Are you letting others frazzle you?

I know a person and let’s call him Bob (not his real name) who dreads going around his family as well as associates because he knows the conversation will not be to his liking.

Most of the time Bob avoids any contact because he does not want to deal with how he knows he will feel afterward.

There are times when Bob cannot avoid the people, and he feels uncomfortable especially when specific topics come up in conversations.

The responses that people make while Bob chats never fail to affirm why he does not enjoy being in their presence.

However, Bob hates how he feels which results in him holding a certain amount of frustration, which is not good for him.

Always look out for number 1, YOU

Don’t let anyone frazzle you. I know it is easier said than done, but you must decide and make up in your mind that you will not allow anyone upset you.

Here are some tips on not letting anyone frazzle you.

  1. Don’t take everything that a person says or does seriously or personal.
  2. Let whatever words said roll off you like water running down the back of a duck.
  3. Realize that everyone has opinions and beliefs and it’s okay.
  4. Accept that others think and believe differently than you.
  5. You cannot control what others say; you can only control what comes out of your mouth; that’s it.
  6. Understand, a response is not always necessary or required.
  7. Listen more than you speak. Sometimes, all people want is for you to listen.
  8. Speak up when you need to, especially when it disturbs your peace.
  9. Keep an open mind, but don’t allow anyone to change your mind.

Keep your power

Everything you need is within you. Don’t give your power to others and allow them to frazzle you.

You do have control over the outcome, but it boils down to what you allow. Your health and well-being should always be at the forefront of your mind.

It is not selfish for you to consider your mind, body, and spirit health first because no one will look out for you like you will and don’t ever forget that.

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