junk-food-big-fat-stomach-bellyHave you been trying for a long time to lose fat? Have you tried so many diets, that you have lost count? Do you think there is no hope and that you will always be fat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should know that there are reasons why you are not losing the fat.

There are many reasons why fat keeps hanging around, but today, I share with you five reasons why you are not losing the fat and these reasons are based on my learning experiences.

Why You Are Not Losing Fat

  1. You are eating the wrong foods. Some of us eat food that does not help with fat loss. We do not know these foods are the problem; because we think the foods we eat are healthy.

The food you eat could be the healthiest food on the planet, but if you are not losing fat, then how healthy is that food for you?

My experience.  I used to eat starchy vegetables, beans, grains, and high sugar fruit. These foods are not bad, but for some of us, these foods can cause problems with fat loss.

Higher amounts of carbohydrates in food does not do my body good, so I limit the amount of foods I eat that are high in carbohydrates. As a result, I am losing belly fat and building muscle.

  1.  You are not eating healthy fats. Have you heard that eating fat makes you fat? Well, fat does make you fat, if you eat foods that have unhealthy fats. These unhealthy fats are trans-fats and other oils you find in highly processed foods.

These days many of us are afraid of getting fat, so we do all we can to avoid eating fats. There is nothing wrong with eating healthy fats. Healthy fats do not raise the blood sugar and it actually helps you lose fat.

My experience.  I used to think that if I ate fat, then I would get fat. I even tried a few vegan diets that were very strict with fat consumption. I did not do well on those diets. I always felt hungry and one of the diets I tried, I gained weight, mainly because I was eating a higher percentage of carbohydrates.

I learned that, just because an expert says that his or her diet is the best and everyone should be following it, does not mean it is the diet for me.

I stopped limiting my fat intake and started eating foods like: avocado, seeds, nuts, seed and nut butters, coconut oil and other coconut foods, wild salmon, eggs, and ghee. I am eating healthy fats and still losing belly fat.

  1.  You are eating junk food. Junk food is foreign to the body. The body does not recognize it because, well it’s not real food. It is a lot of junk created to be like food. The body knows the real deal, though.

Junk foods are loaded with sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils, gluten and a host of other ingredients that the body cannot tolerate.

Sure the body can tolerate it for a certain amount of time, but over time, the body lets you know that you need to stop eating the junk.

Your body will let you know in subtle ways and that is why it is so important for you to listen to your body. If you feel sleepy or even nauseous after eating junk food, then that is  your body’s way of letting you know it is not getting real food.

My experience. Eating junk food was not filling. I was always hungry wanting more, because junk food is just, junk. It fills the void of real food, but only for a short time.

The more junk I ate, the more junk I wanted which resulted in the fat sticking around. I do not eat junk food like I used too and as result: my skin looks better and I feel better.

  1.  You are following the wrong diet. There are many diets out here and everyone says his or her diet is “the” diet you should eat. There is no doubt that many diets out here are good and do work, but it does not mean the diet is “the” diet for you. You might try eating a low-fat diet and follow every rule, but you still have a hard time losing the fat.

The sooner you realize that you are following the wrong diet, the sooner you get results. The key to finding the right diet is accepting  that there is no perfect diet.

You have to eat those foods that work best for your body. If that means eating higher amounts of healthy fats and protein along with lower amounts of carbohydrates, then by all means do that. Do what makes you feel good and listen to the wisdom of your body.

My experience.  I followed a vegan diet for about six years and I always found it hard to stick with the diet. If something is so good for me, then why must I struggle?

I finally gave up eating a vegan diet and just started eating food that agreed with my body and I have no regrets and make no apologies.  Today, I am a happier person.

  1.  You are worried and stressed about getting fat.  Worry leads to stress and stress brings with it a host of other issues. If you are constantly worrying about losing fat or that a certain diet is not working for you, then you will continue struggling.

Make it your due diligence to put your worries to rest. Once you do this, you will see magical things happen, but you have to let stuff go and have the courage to step out on your own and listen to your body.

My experience.  I experimented with many types of vegan diets. My reason for experimentation was because I was on a quest to be healthy and to find the perfect diet. Little did I know that health is not found in eating a perfect diet, because I discovered somewhere along the way, that there is no such thing as a perfect diet.

I learned the perfect diet is the diet the works for me now. When I stopped experimenting and started listening to my body, that’s when my worries went away. As a result, I know where I am going and I no longer question if I am eating the right diet or if the diet will help me lose the fat and make me healthy, I just know.

Follow your mind, your body and your spirit; they will never lead your wrong.

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