Are you stuck at a certain weight and can’t figure out why?

Here are 15 things you need to check when weight loss has stalled.

Check out this list to learn what may be causing your weight loss stall.

The Check List

This is a checklist to help you take a closer look at your body and how it reacts or is not reacting to what you are doing or not doing.

You may think that you are doing all the right things, but there could be some underlying issues that you do not know that you have.

Treat your body as you would a new-born baby. What does it mean to treat your body like a new-born baby?

You must be completely attentive, awake and aware of any and all changes that you notice in your body.

You have to truly listen to what your body is saying to you and take the necessary steps to course correct.

  • Gut health (bloating, flatulence, gas, constipation, diarrhea)
  • Chronic stress (constantly wired)
  • Poor sleep quality (never getting good quality sleep)
  • Food allergies/intolerances (dairy, grains, wheat, beans, nuts, etc.)
  • Too much sugar/carbohydrates
  • Insulin resistance
  • Too much cardio and not enough strength training
  • Not eating enough protein
  • Not eating enough healthy fats
  • Not taking time for relaxation
  • Mood issues (depression, worry, anxiety)
  • Eating too much processed/junk foods
  • Not eating whole unprocessed foods
  • Not getting enough fiber in the diet
  • Following a way of eating or lifestyle program that is not the best program for you.

Get healthy on the inside first, and the rest will follow!

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2 thoughts on “15 Things to Check when Weight Loss has Stalled

  1. This is great – I was struggling with a plateau while trying to drop 15 lbs this summer and the lack of strength training + too many carbs was the culprit. Appreciate the article, it helped me immensely!

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