road with milestoneOctober is here and how many of you reached your healthy living goals this year? I will venture to say that you probably did well the first few weeks of this year and even the first few months.

As you think about things, you realize there is so much more you could have done. Some of you may have said, “I cannot do this, maybe next year.”

Why wait until next year, start over again now. The year is not over yet. You hit a speed bump, which comes to slow you down, but a speed bump doesn’t mean you stop completely.

It’s okay to stop, but don’t stay there. Re-evaluate, regroup and keep on moving.

I hit a speed bump and I just sat there, but now I’m moving and not looking back. Whenever things slow you down, you must not let those things stop you.  It is okay to pause and a break, but you must keep moving.

You Hit a Speed Bump, Now What?

  1. Be honest about why you hit the speed bump (regroup, refocus, reevaluate). Sometimes things happen that will knock you off your feet. The fall is so hard that you don’t think that you will ever recover. Why did you fall? Find out why fell down and don’t let those things slow you down ever again.

  2. Write your vision and make it plain. Get your pen and paper and write what you want to accomplish. You can even create a vision board, like I did at the beginning of this year. Keep in mind that it will take time for you to reach your goals. Please don’t give up before you begin!

  3. You need laser precision focus. You must not allow anything or anyone to get in your way. A laser forms a straight line and that’s the type of focus you must have on your journey. Move straight ahead, never looking to the left, nor to the right. But move forward and do not allow anything to sway you.

4. Connect with like-minded people. I have said this before in earlier posts and I am saying it again. Get with people who are traveling the same direction that you are traveling. This makes things so much easier. You are more likely to keep moving when you are traveling with the right people.

  1. Make each day count and keep it moving. Do something every day that brings you closer to the success you want. Each day you must keep moving. It doesn’t matter how slow or how fast you go as long as you are moving.

Challenge Yourself to a Healthier You

I am challenging myself to eat raw vegan and exercise for 30 days. This is a tremendous challenge for me, but even though I have hit a few speed bumps, I will keep moving.

We have a private Facebook Group and the name of the group is, Challenge Yourself to a Healthier You. This group is a place where you can get support, inspiration, encouragement and even resources.  This group will help you stay on your journey of becoming a healthier you.

Those of you who are participating, take this week to get your mind ready for this challenge. If you prepare your mind, then the rest will follow.

The time for change is now!


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9 thoughts on “Speed Bumps Come to Slow You Down – Keep Moving

  1. Hi Evelyn,

    In my country people remember to be healthier when summer is coming for these days..the beach is a good motive 🙂

    I try to do – not always easy – exercises all the year round, even in extreme cold days (sometimes raining) and after that you feel super (unless you get a cold haha)

    Without a clear mind and goals you go nowhere.



    • Hi Gera,

      We must have a clear mind and goals. It really helps keep us focused. Thanks for sharing that!

      I can see why the summer is the time…the beach is a great motivator. Everyone wants to look good! 😉

      That’s great that you exercise year round. I wish I could do that, better yet, I’ll stop wishing and just do it.

      Take care,


  2. Hi Evelyn 🙂

    I hit a few speed bumps with my healthy living this year, but I always regroup pretty fast. This whole last week was a big speed bump for me, LOL. I am glad you are taking on a challenge of raw eating, I love raw foods but it can get very expensive at times, but results are amazing. You will do great!

    • Hey Tatianna,

      I usually regroup fast too, but sometimes I don’t. It really depends on what’s going on in my life at the time.

      Yes, raw foods can get very expensive, but I will do my best to be a savvy shopper. I refuse to spend too much money.


  3. Right on time Evelyn. I just got my results back from my physical and while it wasn’t horrible, it could be better. My good cholesterol was excellent but overall was 210 so I can afford to lower that below 200. I also just hit the last # before being considered pre-diabetic.

    • Hey Michelle,

      I’m glad you shared how you physical turned out. You can get those numbers down by increasing your fruits and vegetables, if you haven’t already done so and of course, lay off the junk foods. I’m sure you know what to do. 😉

      Blessings of healthy, sister!

  4. Hi Evelyn,

    Great post!

    We all encounter speed bumps in our life. At times they can slow us down. You’ve hit on some great issues, surrounding yourself with positive folk can be helpful. It’s also important not to be too hard on yourself when you experience setbacks. It’s important to dust yourself off and stay focused on your goals.

    • Hey Opal!

      It’s good to see you! 😉

      Yes, it is so important not to be too hard on yourself. That in itself can cause you more harm. Thanks for that reminder.

      Take care,


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