inspirational-wordsMaking healthy lifestyle changes is sometimes hard, but having an accountability buddy makes it easier.

It’s okay to walk alone, but it’s better when you’re walking with someone.

What is an Accountability Buddy?

An accountability buddy is someone who holds you accountable for your actions when you are making changes.

It is usually best to have an accountability buddy who understands the changes you are making and who also has your best interest in mind.

Often an accountability buddy is making the same changes as you are which makes it easier, because you are not in this alone.

If it is your desire to make healthy lifestyle changes and you can find someone who is also doing the same thing, then you both can work together and hold each other accountable.

My Experience with Having an Accountability Buddy

Recently, I was talking with a friend about some of the dietary changes that I want to make and we discovered that we both are making the same changes.

We have same dietary goals.  We decided to set a date and start our dietary change.  I am glad that we both have each other as accountability buddies.

We set a start date and we will checkin weekly or sooner if we find that we are having challenges.

I am happy that I have an accountability buddy because I am not making this change by myself.  I have a trusted friend who is making the same changes as I am and I am happy to walk with her on this journey.

Reasons You Should Have an Accountability Buddy

An accountability buddy:

  • helps you stay focused on your goals
  • helps you realize that you are not by yourself
  • reminds you why you are making changes, especially when you feel like giving up
  • walks with you on your journey helps you remember why you are making changes
  • encourages you to keep going
  • motivates you when you are down
  • inspires you when you need inspiration
  • is always in your corner and has your back
  • listens to you when you need an ear
  • always tells you the truth about what you are doing;  good or bad
  • walks with you on your journey.

It is always good having someone with similar interests walking with you on your journey of change.

Many times it is hard sticking with the changes, but when you have someone who is also making some of the same changes, it makes things much easier.

Discussion:  What changes (diet, weight loss, fitness, personal growth, business, etc)  are you making for the new year?

6 thoughts on “12 Reasons You Should Have An Accountability Buddy When Making Changes

  1. Evelyn,

    This is a great list of reasons to have an accountability buddy. I have one and the experience has been great. I am now brainstorming ways to implement this concept into small groups to increase the positive impact on the group members. Thanks for sharing some of the reasons to have an accountability buddy.

  2. I have an accountability buddy who is meant to be helping me stay on a strict gluten free diet for my hashimotos….He just this second completely failed in his duty to stop me opening the unused cheese crackers bought for guests for Christmas and consume them with copius amounts of cheese (dairy) :(.

    I just came across your blog and interested in improving my health this year as I have terrible Meibomian Gland dysfunction which is greatly affecting my quality of life. I am also a blogger and spend long hours on the computer so hoping the changes in my diet and a new excercise program may help.

    I hope to follow along.


    • Hi Lee!

      Sorry to hear that your buddy failed you. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though.

      That’s great! I hope that you have great success in improving your health in 2014.

      Welcome and thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hi Evelyn,
    You are so blessed to have someone who is like-minded to be your accountability partner. It is so difficult to remain optimistic about healthy lifestyle changes when people around you are critical, negative and make cynical comments.

    I find myself excited about wanting to share healthy choices. However, I usually keep quiet- least I be accused of being fanatical.

    Therefore, I try to remember the positive benefits of being health conscious – it is my inspiration for continuing to do what I do. The internet has been so helpful in this area. I have met so many people, via the web, who are like-minded. But, it would still be great to have an accountability partner a bit more tangible.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Trinity!

      I recently got my accountability partner and if I hadn’t, I probably would not be so motivated to do what I have planned. I am very grateful for her.

      Yes it is. My hardest time is when I travel to see family and friends. Some of them probably think I have lost my mind, but I don’t care, because at the end of the day, we all have to do what’s best for our health. I don’t want to be 50-60 years old with a ton of health issues.

      It is very important to find like-minded people, but it is very hard to do that because with most people, health consciousness is so far from their minds. It is something that hardly ever surfaces until they get sick. I totally understand, because I find myself staying quiet with family and friends. If they ask me a question, then I will gladly share, but for the most part, I do keep quiet as well. I hate that, because I can offer some helpful advice.

      Keeping the positive benefits in the forefront of your mind is always great. It will keep you going. Yes, I have met a lot of people online with similar interest and it keeps me moving.

      My accountability partner lives in the same state as I do, and I never thought in a million years that I would find someone in my state, but God works in mysterious ways. I actually met her online via my you tube channel.

      We are all in this together and you know you can reach out to me.

      All the best to you and as always, I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I’ve been very busy with my website and making changes and haven’t had time to get over to your site, but know that I will be there soon.

      Take care,

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