Update: Blog Changes and My Changes


Result of Tamara’s workout. OMG

I had a post planned for today, but the equipment I needed didn’t arrive, so I decided to share with you changes that you will see on this blog and things that have changed with me.

I started this blog in March 2010 and I didn’t know what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes, those mistakes taught me lessons.

Back then, I knew I wanted to write, share information and help others. I had no expertise in the topic I chose, but I was determined to learn.

I had no idea that I would evolve into the person I am today. Life is about growth and change. Sometimes we don’t want to accept and embrace growth and change, but amazing things happen when we accept and embrace. We grow and we change and hopefully we learn a few things along the way.

Blog Changes

Here’s what to expect on this blog going forward:

  • less talk about any one diet and more talk about eating the best diet for yo
  • more transparency (less holding back)
  • consistent posting at least 2 posts per week could be 3 (guest post/review), but 2 posts per week are in my schedule (Tuesdays and Fridays).
  • more mind-body posts because that’s what I am studying (eating psychology)
  • a possible change in the blog design (I am a minimalist, the change want be too much)
  • a podcast show in the making (I am working on getting things set-up)

My Changes

This blog was built on me sharing my raw vegan journey, but somewhere along the way things changed for me. Today, I don’t label myself as a vegan or even a plant-based dieter, because those I am not.

I officially stopped eating a plant-based diet in June of this year and it was the best thing that I could have done for my body.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • eating a clean diet and I attach no labels to the type of diet I eat, but for the sake of this post, I stick with  a low carbohydrate – high fat diet.
  • regular fitness program started in July and still hanging in there (making some gains too, that’s muscle).
  • start training in October to become a certified Eating Psychology Coach.
  • created a new You Tube channel
  • created a new Twitter account
  • homeschooling my daughter (challenging, but nothing I can’t handle)
  • looking forward helping you be the best you can be.

That’s All Folks!

Thanks to all of you who have stayed loyal readers and supporters. There is no way I would still be blogging if it weren’t for you. There have been times when I have wanted to quit, but when I was at my breaking point someone would send me message saying how much I inspire them. Funny how that works, guess some things are just meant to be. How can I stop when there are people who are touched by the information? I may not be able to reach the masses, but those that I do reach means more than I could ever express.

Until next time…

P.S. There are contractions throughout this post, something I can’t stand doing, but change is not so bad. ;)

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Let Fear Control Your Life

fear“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

A few months ago, I asked for your support in helping me win a scholarship. I am happy to let you know that I came in third place and was awarded a $2000 scholarship. I begin training to become a certified Eating Psychology Coach on October 1. Thanks to everyone for your support!

I have a secret to share with you that I have only shared with a few people. I was afraid of entering the contest; I almost waited too late to submit my entry. Fear almost caused me to miss out on an amazing opportunity.

The topic of my first newsletter was fear. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. Today, I share five reasons why you should not let fear have control your life.

#1 Fear hinders your personal growth.

Improving ourselves and becoming the best that we can be is great. But what happens when we allow fear to creep in? Fear grabs hold of us and we forget about those things we strive to improve. We end up not doing anything or working on our goals of improving ourselves. Say, “Fear you have to go; you have no control here.” Continue reading

Improve Your Gut Health with Probiotics

woman-bellyI spent two weeks away from this blog and I am finally back. School is back in session for us and I am my daughter’s teacher. It’s a challenging task, but very rewarding. I am back and ready to roll.

Today’s topic is about probiotics. I learned about the importance of taking a probiotic from Carolyn Akens when I  spring detoxed with her.

I noticed a decrease in belly size, less flatulence and better regularity. I will always have a probiotic supplement in my stash.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that support the bacteria that is already present in the intestines. These bacteria are “good bacteria” that help with the health of the gut flora.

Quotes from Super Healing written by Elaine Ferguson, MD

  • “Research has revealed that particular probiotic strains can reduce the level of gastrointestinal symptoms caused by stress.” (page 143)
  • “Gut health is an important aspect of the immune system, where invading microorganisms (like dangerous bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses) are destroyed. If the population of microorganisms that live in your gut becomes unbalanced, or your immune response is underactive, you will respond as though you were being poisoned and your health can really suffer. That’s what a dramatic change in my intestinal flora did to me.” (page 143)

Quote from Grain Brain written by David Perlmutter, MD

“They (probiotics) play a role in producing, absorbing, and transporting neurochemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and nerve growth factor, which are essential for healthy brain and nerve function.” (page 190) Continue reading

Eight Reasons Why You Should Walk Forward (self-improvement)


Sometimes we let past experiences have power over our future. We focus so much on what we deem as negative and bad experiences that growth and change never happens.

If you want to be successful in whatever it is that you want to be or do in life, you have to move out of your past and walk into the present.

This message applies to anything in life that you want to accomplish. Oftentimes fear of change, fear of the unknown, and fear of failure, stops growth which results in us not doing anything. Dare to walk forward and stop looking backwards. Continue reading

Why Your Belly Is Getting Bigger On A Vegan Diet |Carb-Sensitivity

man-with-big-bellyOne of the benefits of eating a vegan diet is weight loss. Weight loss is almost effortless for some who start eating a vegan diet. The pounds fall off and you feel great.

You never thought that after eating a vegan diet for nearly a year that you would have a problem with your weight, but for some reason you are gaining weight in your midsection.

Stubborn belly fat rears it’s ugly head and you are confused because you are eating a vegan diet, doing all the right things, but you don’t understand why your belly is fat.

Today you learn why your belly is getting fat while eating a vegan diet and tips to help you get rid of the belly fat. Continue reading