10 Ways to Not Let Stress Affect Your Relationship With Food

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.” ~ Terri Guillemets
“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi
“Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” ~ Terri Guillemets
“Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.” ~ Judith Hanson Lasater
“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are”. ~ Chinese Proverb

How you handle stress can affect the relationship you have with food. One minute you are doing fine, but the next minute stress smacks you in the face.

This smack knocks you into lots of chocolate, a pack of cookies, a cake, a pie, a bag of potato chips, ice cream or several slices of pizza; you need comfort and these foods give you the comfort you need at that specific stressed time in your life. Continue reading

Your Brain’s Silent Killers (Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar) | Grain Brain Book Review

I was looking through the book section in my local B J’s Warehouse (something I always do) and a book, entitled Grain Brain caught my attention.

I didn’t buy Grain Brain the first time I spotted it because there was another book that also caught my attention and I didn’t know which book to buy.

One day in July of this year, while perusing the books, I decided to buy Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD. Buying Grain Brain was one of the best book investments I have made in a long time. Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Love-Hate Relationship with the Scales

Some of us let the reading on the scale tell us how we should feel about ourselves or even if we will have a good or bad day. Why do we give the scale so much power over us? No inanimate object should ever make us feel good or bad about our current weight.

A friend on Facebook mentioned that they have a love-hate relationship with the scales and on that day, it was a good day. At the time, I didn’t think much about my friend’s status, but it did catch my attention because I wondered why would someone have a love-hate relationship with the scales.

It didn’t dawn on me until after I listened to a lecture by Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, that people do have a love-hate relationship with the scales and I learned why this happens. Continue reading

3 Reasons To Love Yourself, No Matter What

Do you really love yourself? I mean really love yourself. Think about this question and ask yourself if you really love yourself. I know it is crazy for to ask you if you love yourself, but please take time to answer this question.  Because loving self is something we believe everyone does by default, but that is not always the case.

How can anyone not love themselves? You would be surprised how we are unloving to ourselves. One way we are unloving to ourselves is negative self-talk and negative thoughts about ourselves.

If you told a little child the negative self-talk and negative thoughts you say to yourself, how do you think that child would feel about himself? Think about it. Continue reading

30 Tips for a Healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit

How many of you want to live healthier and be healthier?  That’s everyone!  No one wants sickness, dis-ease, unhappiness, or mental and emotional health issues.

Let’s face it, when we are healthy we feel good and we feel like we have a purpose for being here on this planet;  we feel like we can conquer the world.  But when we are not functioning our best, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, we  feel like we have no purpose in life, which results in us not living life to its fullest.

There are many things you can do to become a healthier person.  And today I share with you thirty tips to help you start caring for the health of your mind, body and spirit.

Continue reading