Are You Guilty of Passing Judgement? | Diet and Nutrition

do-not-judge-listenLet me be the first one to answer this question.

Yes, I am guilty of passing judgement on others for their dietary and nutritional choices. I don’t mind sharing, but I made it a practice not to push what I believe on others, because I understand that everyone is different and everything doesn’t work for everybody.

As most of you know, I no longer label myself as a vegetarian or a person who eats a plant-based diet. I am simply a person who eats the food that agrees with me.

During my days of passing judgement, I had a closed heart and mind. I honestly believe that my growth stagnated a bit.  I am thankful for my coach and mentor, who has continued to challenge and encourage me along this journey.

I was a member of a Facebook Group that was so far to the left or right (just know they were not middle of the road) in their thinking and I noticed that some people in the group came off as angry and unkind. The attitude was, “It’s this way or no way at all.”  I left the group without any reservations and I realized that I still have more to learn.

My goal is to be a health coach and be good at what I do. I cannot be successful if I have a closed heart and mind. If my heart and mind are closed, then I will never experience growth. Continue reading

How To Create Optimal Health and Well-Being: Lessons from Super Healing

things-made-to-happenAre you interested in achieving optimal health and well-being? Super Healing, written by Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, is the perfect book for you. Dr. Ferguson shares how you can achieve optimal health and well by engaging your mind, body and spirit.

You should read Super Healing if:

  • you are interested in creating optimal health and well-being
  • you want to engage your mind, body and spirit
  • you need healing in any area of your life.

I believe, but now I know

I have always believed that the mind, body and spirit work together, but I wasn’t absolutely sure.  Reading Super Healing convinced me that what I believe is true.

Dr. Ferguson made me a believer in the connection of mind, body and spirit to our optimal health and well-being. She presents the science that supports this claim. No longer do I just believe that the mind, body and spirit are connected to health and well-being, but now I know they are connected.

Super Healing opened my eyes to how amazing our bodies are and how the body can heal itself. Knowing and understanding how we can engage our minds, bodies and spirits to superheal is something that everyone needs to know. Continue reading

Stay Cool and Hydrated with Coconut Water Fruit Popsicles

coconut-water-popsicleThe temperature has been very hot in Georgia. The temperatures have been in the 90’s and the 100 degree mark is coming; it’s only a matter of time.

A coconut water fruit Popsicle is a healthy treat and is a good way to stay cool and hydrated on those hot summer days.

My daughter enjoyed helping make these Popsicle. I had never done anything like this before, but she was a good helper.

One of the things I made sure to do was to use one of her favorite fruits (strawberries) and colorful Popsicle molds.

Why Coconut Water?

Coconut water:

  • is low in calories
  • is cholesterol free
  • is fat free (the brand I used)
  • has less sugar than most sports drinks, sodas and fruit juices
  • is high in potassium
  • is very hydrating
  • helps keep the body cool

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