Today’s post is written by guest blogger, Ashley Carter.  She shares the unexpected health benefits of rhinoplasty. Welcome, Ashley!

Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a common plastic surgery procedure that can improve the appearance and functionality of a nose.

Although commonly thought of as a cosmetic procedure, nose jobs can also be done for corrective purposes and can have many surprising health benefits.

From better breathing to better sleeping, here are four of the most unexpected.

Better Breathing


For people who have problems breathing, rhinoplasty can be a huge help. Currently, nearly 80 percent of people have misaligned nasal passages — a condition that’s commonly called a deviated septum.

While some of these people may never realize they have it, others will be severely affected. In the worst cases, a deviated septum can cause difficulty breathing, as well as chronic nosebleeds, facial pain, and headaches.

People seeking relief can opt for a form of rhinoplasty called septoplasty, which even out the breathing passages and allows more air to flow through the nostrils.

This increased airflow pushes more oxygen into the bloodstream, which boosts overall energy levels and mood.

Some people may even undergo a septorhinoplasty, which corrects breathing issues while also improving the overall appearance of the nose.

Improved Sleeping

Many people seek rhinoplasty as a solution for their sleep issues. These issues can range from snoring to sleep apnea, which occurs when airways become blocked and proper breathing is prevented.

When this occurs, health problems like excessive sleepiness, trouble concentrating, and irritability can occur, prompting the need for treatment.

While some sufferers can correct their sleep issues at home, others have found that the best option is corrective rhinoplasty.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, rhinoplasty may be for you. Start by consulting with a highly trained Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Carlo P. Honrado, who can discuss ways to redesign your nasal passages so that you can breathe better while sleeping during the night.

Reduced Sinus Inflammation

Dealing with sinus problems can be a frustrating and miserable experience — and one that rhinoplasty can fix. If your sinuses are inflamed, you may have chronic sinusitis due to blocked or misaligned nasal passages.

This problem can cause excessive mucus buildup, pain, and infection. You may even develop allergies. Luckily, there are many rhinoplasty techniques that can be used to relieve sinus pain.

If you go this route, a plastic surgeon will assess the severity of your nasal inflammation and determine a course of action to correct the nasal passages, improving airflow and alleviating any sinus or health problems that exist.

Improved Self-Confidence

Just because you’re getting a rhinoplasty for health purposes doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from cosmetic changes. In many cases, your plastic surgeon can alter the size, shape, and position of your nose to improve your breathing and appearance.

Work with your plastic surgeon to determine a nose shape and placement that will make you feel better about yourself. This improved self-confidence can have added health benefits, like increased energy and happiness.

Although we often associate rhinoplasties with cosmetic improvements, the procedure can have a some unexpected health benefits that can help you breathe, sleep, and feel better than you ever thought possible!

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