digestion-eating-timeDigestion is a very important process that occurs in our bodies.  Digesting what we consume takes a lot of energy and in return we receive energy from the process.

When the digestive system is working well, we feel unstoppable, but when the digestive system is not working well, it stops us in our tracks.

Improving your digestion takes an investment from you. The investment is your time.  Today, I share with you four ways to improve your digestion. 

Don’t worry you won’t have to go out and buy any over the counter drugs.  Everything you need is easy to find because it lies in you.

4 Ways to Improve Digestion

#1  Do not eat like you are Speedy Gonzales. 

There is a time to move like Speedy Gonzales and a time to move like a tortoise.  Eating is not the time for you to speed through the process of eating. 

This is the time when you should put on your tortoise hat and enjoy eating.  Chew your food and savor every bite.  Oftentimes, we don’t taste the amazing flavors of food because we are eating too fast.

Speedy/Fast Eating = Stressed Eating

#2  Make time for eating your meals.

It is quick and easy to swing by a fast food restaurant and grab a value meal.  You eat the value meal fast not giving much thought about the food you are consuming. 

It takes more time to prepare a meal, sit down and eat without any distractions.  Distractions mean multi-tasking and doing other activities while eating.  

Give eating your undivided attention.  Multitasking and doing other activities while eating a meal must take a back seat.  Focus on eating and pay attention to how your digestion feels.  

#3  Pump the brakes on life.

Pumping the brakes does not mean that you stop doing anything in life.  It is a way of telling you to slow down.  Take time to enjoy living without racing through life like you are competing in the Indy 500. 

Some people don’t stop until they get sick. Rushing through life results in you missing the little things that end up being bigger things.  

#4  Eliminate any food(s) that upset your digestion.

There are certain foods that can mess up your digestion.  You may have a food allergy or be sensitive to a certain food.  Stop eating the food that you think is causing you problems with your digestion and see what happens.

It doesn’t matter if a leading expert says a certain food is the healthiest food in the world, if it messes up your digestion, then it is not the healthiest food in the world for you.  The key here, is to listen to your body wisdom and act accordingly.


Food for Thought:  Slowing down in life, helps you slow down as an eater.  Resulting in improvement with digestion.

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