digestionYou are busy, busy, busy and you barely have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal and so you are always eating on the go. Eating on the go is not your friend, it is your enemy. Your digestion could be better, but you have accepted your concerns as a way of life. You can take control and have better digestion with this one simple step.

Never Slowing Down

You are so busy that you do not have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. And so, you eat fast to move on to the next task.

When you do not slow down, your body gets stressed out, and you learn to deal with the stress of continually going, and going, and going.

In today’s society moving fast is the way to go. Some say if you are not getting stuff done, then you are not doing anything, but I beg to differ.

If you never slow down eventually your body will slow you down. Your body gives you signs that you need to slow down, especially with food.

When you notice indigestion, gas, heartburn, and other concerns with your digestion it is time to take a closer look at what you are doing.

Okay, Slow Down

The one simple step that you can start doing today as it relates to your food, well, you can do this in your life too, is slow down.  Slowing down in your life helps you slow down with your meals.

Most of us, if we eat on the go, are eating fast. The one simple step to better digestion is slowing down.  Take the time to chew your food, instead of taking a couple of chews and swallowing it down.

Chew your food until it is thoroughly masticated (liquidy) in your mouth. Chewing food for at least 20 times before swallowing is a good practice.

Chew, Chew, Chew

Making sure you chew your food takes some time and forces you to slow down. While you are eating your food, take deep breaths because doing so calming which is a good thing for your digestion.

Your Assignment

At your next meal, practice chewing your food and eating slow. If you are naturally a fast eater, eating slower is challenging, but you can do it.

Focusing on chewing, breathing, and slowing down is a great place to start.

Until next time.

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