ab-painHave you ever had so much flatulence (gas) that your intestines felt like they were exploding? Or maybe you have experienced discomfort in your gut, but didn’t think much of it?

Do you realize that the discomfort you have in your gut is your gut’s way of telling you that something is wrong?

Good health starts in the gut and when your gut health is not at its best; your health will not be at its best.

If you have discomfort of any kind in your gut, you will learn what you can do to decrease and even eliminate the discomfort.

What is the gut?

The gut (digestive system, specifically the intestine) sometimes referred to as the “second brain.”  It is the place where the foods we eat are broken down so we can utilize the nutrients that our bodies need. The gut is also the place where we eliminate what the body does not need.

Does your gut have your down? Do not fret, because you can turn things around, naturally.

Take charge of your gut health:

#1 Pay attention to your gut

If you have severed flatulence after eating a certain food, then that’s your gut’s way of telling you that the food you ate is not good for you. Do not ignore the messages that your gut sends. It just might keep you from being known as the fart man or fart woman.

#2 Determine which foods cause discomfort to your gut

If you suspect that beans, for example are upsetting your gut, then eliminate the beans from your diet for a few days and see how you feel. Add beans back to your diet a few days later and note what happens. If you feel discomfort after eating the beans, then you know you cannot eat beans. You can do this for any food that you think might be causing your gut discomfort.

#3 Eat those foods that agree with your gut

Once you learn which foods work best for you, then eat those foods and avoid the foods that cause your gut problems. Do not worry about not eating a certain food because others say the food is healthy. That food might be a healthy food, but it is not a healthy food for you. Always keep in mind that you have to eat the foods that work best for your body, no matter what others say are the best. Please, do what your body tells you to do.

I gave up certain foods that caused me discomfort and today, I do not have any problems. I no longer have extreme flatulence, bloating, or discomfort. It is amazing what our bodies will do, if we only listen and follow through.

#4 Eat fermented foods and take a probiotic

Examples of some fermented foods are yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut keifir, and fermented vegetables. These foods have bacteria in them that help with gut health. The bacteria in these foods are good bacteria that help increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut. Adding a probiotic to your diet also helps increase the good bacteria in your gut.

I have been taking probiotics and eating fermented foods since April of this year and my tummy area has gotten flatter and gut health is better too. Note: I noticed the change in my tummy before I started a regular fitness routine.

#5 Have a regular fitness routine

Exercising is not only good for the body, but it is also good for gut health. If you do not have a regular fitness routine, you had better get that body moving. Moving the body helps with digestion. You might even notice that your elimination becomes more regular than it was before you started your fitness routine. Moving your body also helps you work up a sweat which is a good way to move toxins out of the body through the skin and it also helps move the lymph fluids.

Get It Done

You no longer have to wonder why your gut speaks loud to you because you know that the loud messages that your gut sends you is a warning that something is not quite right.

Take care of your gut, by paying attention when your gut speaks and following through with caring for your gut.

Having good gut health is where the answer to achieving optimal health lies. Do not let another day go by that you ignore your gut’s many cries. Do something now, do it today!

Discussion: If you have had problems with your gut health, please share with us what helped you improve your gut health.

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