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On June 1st, I logged in to update my media and services pages. While making changes to the pages, I noticed that a few plugins and the WordPress software needed updating.

I updated everything, logged out, and returned a few days later to publish a blog post.

To my surprise, I had the dreaded critical error message.

Sidenote: Critical error means no one could access the blog. There is just a white page with the critical error message and you cannot see my blog.

And this is where my story about procrastination begins.

I Cannot Access my Blog

For a few days, I tried troubleshooting to repair the critical error.

However, each time I logged in to my cPanel, I would log off shortly after logging in.

Eventually, I stopped worrying about it and continued doing business as usual.

When you know you’ve messed up something.

Evelyn, the Big Procrastinator

What is a procrastinator? A procrastinator puts off doing something that needs doing. My name is Evelyn, and I am a procrastinator.

There are many things that I need to do now, but I have yet to do them.

My blog could have been repaired the same day I noticed the critical error message, but instead of doing the obvious, I procrastinated.

Why do I procrastinate? I procrastinate because I dread doing certain things or don’t know how to do them.

Regarding my blog, I didn’t know how to fix the critical error, so I procrastinated.

Accessing my Blog

On June 19th, I accessed my cPanel one last time to locate the critical error, and I found the error.

But after I found the error, I didn’t know how to fix it, so I contacted my hosting company.

I told the tech support person my concern and the location of the error.

Tech support fixed the error and had my blog running within a few minutes.

My site was down for almost the entire month of June. And I am the only one to blame because I could have contacted the hosting company sooner, but I didn’t.


What I Learned about Procrastination

I learned that I need to stop procrastinating and do things I dread doing as quickly as possible. So stop putting off today for tomorrow.

Since having this experience, I am more aware of the issue I have with procrastinating. And hopefully, I’ll be less likely to procrastinate in the future.

Do you procrastinate, and why do you think you do it? Do share.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination Taught Me a Valuable Lesson

  1. I didn’t know you were still blogging from time to time; glad I found this article.

    I’m more of a procrastinator these days, which is unfortunate since I need to be more active and bold. I find that I put myself into a bind and have to do last minute things to get activity moving forward again. At this stage of my life and only having “me” to depend on, I can’t afford to procrastinate like I do…

    And that’s the deal; I do! I get around to things eventually, most of them sooner than later, but procrastination isn’t helping me one bit.

    • Hey Mitch! Yeah, I still blog even though it doesn’t look like it.

      I’m trying to prepare to launch another blog and between that and trying to grow a YouTube channel (s) it’s tough to write, but I am determined to return to blogging soon.

      Having to depend on yourself forces you to get it done. At least you know why you procrastinate and what to do about it.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting and I am sorry for the late reply! Procrastination is still something, I struggle with, but I’d like to think I’m gaining a little momentum adjusting to improving.

      Take care and I appreciate you checking on me! Here’s to getting stuff done. Have a great week!

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